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For my analytical essay I've chosen the Renaissance art movement. I choose this movement because it played such a monumental part in European history. Basically, the Renaissance, also known as the rebirth, was a cultural movement that started an artistic transformation and started the scientific revolution.

How did Thomas Mores work help spread humanistic ideas? He applied them to society. Differing interpretations of the Bible by Christians in Europe eventually led to the Reformation.

After many people began reading and interpreting the Bible, they began to challenge the Churchs teachings By On February 28th I visited Chicago Art Institute, in order to find out more about the Northern Renaissance Art. One of many beautiful paintings, which interested me the most was" Virgin and Child" by Rogier van der Weyden, leading Netherlandish painter of the mid15th century.

His real name was Essay about The Art of the Renaissance Though the Renaissance era included all of Europe, Italy was the cradle of the movement. The cities of Florence, Rome and Venice were of great importance to this period. Below is an essay on" Northern Renaissance Art" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Northern Renaissance Art Art thrived in Northern Europe, especially in Germany and the Low Countries, in Flanders, Netherlands, Germany (Northern Renaissance) The movement in art in Germany and Flanders that reflected greater religious tones Emphasized critical thinking Period of symbolism Developed christian humanism criticizing the church& society, painting woodcutsliterature The revival of learning in such countries as Germany, View Northern Renaissance Art Research Papers on Academia.

edu for free. Northern Renaissance Art The epoch of Renaissance in general was an age of humanism characterized by a new spirit of freedom, a new sense of the individual, a new realism in visualizing nature and the emergence of the artist as an individual creator.

There are many differences between Northern renaissance art and Italian renaissance art. They are quite different. While Italian renaissance art tended to show the body in an idealistic way, Northern renaissance art hid the body. The art was very realistic, but drapery hid the body in a medieval fashion. Italian Renaissance Art Essay

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