How to save a resume

Don't email or upload your resume with the name resume. doc, unless you want a harried human resources associate to save over your file with someone elses. With a generic file name, there will be no way to distinguish it from all Your changes are saved as soon as you click the Save button for the section you edited. The last thing you need when applying for a job is to email a resume that the employer cannot open. A file format is identified by the threeletter extension at the end.

Open your resume in your preferred word processor and select" Save As" from the File menu. Choose" Plain Text File, " " ASCII, " or" Text.

" All of these options will save the document in the. txt extension. How to build a resume. To build a resume in USAJOBS: Sign into USAJOBS. Go to your Documents. Make sure youre in the Resumes section and select the Upload or build resume button. Click Build resume. Click Finish to save your resume.

Your new resume will appear in your Documents list. Enable Save& Resume. To enable Save& Resume: Click the Submission Settings button at the bottom of the Build page. Click the OnOff toggle for Save& Resume in the lefthand Submission Settings pane to turn the feature on. Please use Google Chrome browser We are sorry this site only works well on Google Chrome currently.

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