Reviewing a business plan

For a few hundred dollars, this person could review the business plan and generate a list of questions and comments for the board. The board should Insist that the business plan, especially the financial portion, have a clear list of assumptions.

Yoiur review of a business plan will vary somewhat depending on your relationship to Reviewing a business plan business. If you are a loan officer, you will primarily be interested in whether the company's financial information is solid and accurate. Remember, a business plan is typically designed to attract investors and also to provide a blueprint for your business.

It should illustrate the goals, objectives, strategies, and means of operations for your business. You should, therefore, present the information in a professional manner. Reviewing your business plan annually is fine under most circumstances, but if your business environment is experiencing choppy conditions, or if youre facing major threats or opportunities, your plan should be the first place you turn. Do not let anyone else write your business plan for you and always get a business plan review.

Get advice and input, sure, but if its not your plan you are unlikely to make it work. But, however you drafted your plan, you are going to need a Updating your original business plan is a good place to start.

When reviewing your finances, you might want to consider the following: As ownermanager of your business or as a member of its management team, you should stand back once in a while and review your business' performance.

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