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ALTSEQ Alternate Collating Sequence! Search For Search. ALTSEQ Alternate Collating Sequence! What problem does it solve? This will help in the below in DB records, Check the below example for some sample sequence. ALTSEQ is applied only on the key fields. Not on any other fields. For example, if the characters a and A are to be treated as equivalents for comparisons, the bytes in the collating sequence table for their code points contain the same value, or weight.

UCS2 collating sequence support is implemented using a multibyte table. For example, a collating sequence can be used to indicate that lowercase and uppercase versions of a particular character are to be sorted equally. The database manager allows databases to be created with custom collating sequences. " Incorrect collating sequence" importing Paradox table I am trying to import a Paradox table (that I know very little about) and when I do I get a message that says: " Incorrect collating sequence" with OK and Help.

(String Compare Using LocaleSpecific Collating Sequence) In the C Programming Language, the strcoll function returns a negative, zero, or positive integer depending on whether the object pointed to by s1 is less than, equal to, or greater than the object pointed to by s2.

The collatingsequence can be a a translation table, an encoding, or the keyword LINGUISTIC. Only one collating sequence can be specified. Only one collating sequence can be specified. Jan 10, 2008 For example, to find the collating sequence 'ch use the following regular expression: [[. ch. This expression matches the sequence 'ch' in the following string: chabc The expression does not match the following string: cdefg You can use the collating sequence operator in any regular expression where collation is needed.

The collating sequence is the order in which characters are sorted. For example, when the SORT procedure is executed, the collating sequence determines the sort order (higher, lower, or equal to) of a particular character in relation to other characters.

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