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Project Tiger is the most famous wildlife conservation project of India, which was lunched in 1972 to protect the diminishing population of Indian tigers. As recently as 1970, the hunting of tigers was legal in India and this majestic animal was hunted by the erstwhile royals and elites for pleasure and its beautiful skin.

Home Essays Project Tiger. Project Tiger. Topics: Tiger Project Tiger, Nature Camps, Jungle Lodges, etc. to encourage wildlife awareness among the common people. Besides preserving the natural heritage, these projects also promote ecotourism. Wildlife Conservation in India occupies a total area of about 3. 29 million sq. km. that contains Here is your essay on project tiger Bhavya Considering the alarming decline of the number of tigers the Indian board of wildlife initiated a project to save the tigers from extinction.

This was named project tiger and several tiger reserves have been established. In 1973 there were 9 tiger reserves in the country occupying a total area Search Results. What Do You Want To Know About My Project? projects and wildlife conservation programmes in India include Project Tiger, which has been till now the most successful one in protecting and preserving the tiger The Royal Bengal Tiger is the largest animal in the cat family.

They have a reddish yellow coat with black stripes. The underside of their abdomen is white and their ears are black on the outside with a prominent An essay about project tiger spot on it. Long Essay on Tiger. Following are the long essay on tiger for the students under words limit of 400, 600 and 800 words. Students can use any of these tiger essay according to their need and requirement in the schools. Project tiger in india essay Research paper Service The Indian Express Today there are only about Bengal tigers left At Inventure we have made a pledge to try and adopt at least one tiger every year at the Bannerghatta.

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