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Responding to Student Writing A Sample Commenting Protocol. Ideally, instructor comments should provide directive, thorough, but also focused advice to students regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their essays, and the means to improve them.

Providing Feedback on Student Writing Funded by U. S. Department of Education AANAPISI Grant. from a student essay on performance enhancing drug use in professional sports: communicate to the student what heshe needs to repeat in future writing. These types of vague comments serve more to substantiate the grade the Commenting on Student Writing. For their part, students want constructive feedback on their writing and often express frustration when they find their instructors comments on their papers to be mysterious, confusing, or simply too brief.

The first time you read through a paper, try to hold off on writing comments. Examples of Feedback on Student Writing As an undergraduate, my first writing assignment in Jim Faulconers philosophy of religion course changed me.

More specifically, it was the feedback on my first paper. Preparation: Using a Student Writing Checklist Have you ever spent hours writing comments on student's essays? Spare yourself hand cramps with this easy, essay evaluation system involving a student writing checklist. Students usually pay attention to comments only when they are given a chance to revise. It constructive commentary, rather than trying to cover all possible areas of concern. Thanks to the Writing Centers at Virginia Tech and OWL Sample Feedback writing assistance The following are actual responses to some of our recent submissions to the Online Writing Lab, although the names have been changed to maintain the anonymity of student writers.

As for constructive comments, you never really explain why you were at Ground Zero on September 12. Do you just Dec 03, 2013  Tips for giving constructive criticism on academic writing Posted on December 3, 2013 5 Comments In the course Im teaching on academic writing for graduate students, the students are required to practice peer review: they have to give constructive criticism on drafts of one anothers essays. Giving Positive Feedback in Writing.

December I know exactly what your essay will be about. This paragraph is full of details. This one even made me laugh. This one gave me a clear image in my mind. You have given wonderful examples of positive comments. Good writing is such a complex combination of skills that it helps to know what to Few practices promote student learning as effectively as wellformed writing assignments paired with personal, constructive feedback.

Of course, giving useful feedback can be time consuming and has limited value if students don't read or act on it.

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