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One night, the speaker of" Dover Beach" sits with a woman inside a house, looking out over the English Channel near the town of Dover. They see the lights on the coast of France just twenty miles away, and the sea is quiet and calm. Dover Beach Questions. BACK; NEXT; Bring on the tough stuff theres not just one right answer. Theme: Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold portrays the theme of human misery being brought about because of the changing of the world.

Thesis: That the changing world constitutes human misery is made apparent to the reader through Matthew Arnold's use of diction and imagery. The reading of Dover Beach may not have been one I would have chosen to read had I not had this assignment.

That being said, since my first reading I have already reread it multiple times. It has made a true impression upon me. Matthew Arnold's 'Dover Beach' Matthew Arnold's 'Dover Beach' employs the sounds of language in three ways, through onomatopoeia to aurally represent the actions occurring on the beach, a varying meter which mirrors the varying heights of the waves on the beach, and a rhyme scheme which searches for its identity.

Dover Beach stands out among the Victorian greats not only because of the richness of language and imagery but also as a critical mirror of Arnolds world and philosophy of life. Works Cited Arnold, Matthew. Dover Beach Questions and Answers Discover the eNotes. com community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on Dover Beach Free Essay: Dover Beach is located in England, on the eastern shores near France.

It is also the setting, and title of a poem written by a well educated man DOVER BEACH Introduction: Dover Beach is a fantastic dramatic monologue composed by Mathew Arnold in 1851. It was a period of industrial revolution. The approach of the people towards life had changed due to industrialization which brought immense mechanism in human life.

An Analysis of Dover Beach Dover Beach intrigued me as soon as I read the title. I have a great love of beaches, so I feel a connection with the speaker as he or she

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