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1MSc Forestry course work covered Forest Inventory, Forest Management, Advanced Forest Mensuration, Advanced Applied Statistics and Biometrics. MSc Thesis (1987): Individual tree volume and stand yield prediction for eucalypts in Kenya. iii. BSc. Forestry (Second Class Honours), University of Nairobi, Kenya, March 1983 iv. The Forest Biometrics Research Institute (FBRI) is a nonprofit public research corporation dedicated to sustainable and scientifically based forest management.

Many forest management and policy problems are closely linked to quantitative issues. Our topflight Forest Biometrics and Geomatics (FBG) concentration focuses on the quantitative methods to uncover the science needed to Goal: We are working on the ability of UAV images (RGB and Multispectral) for the estimation of forest biometrics.

For data collection, we are using a multirotor. This Welcome to Forest Measurements and Biometrics Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia Forest measurements and biometrics involves developing and testing methods for taking and using measures from forested lands, including statistical sampling and analysis methods.

Forest Biometrics and Geomatics Below is a selection of published journal papers and theses within the Forest Biometrics and Geomatics Area of Concentration, which have been published by graduate students FBG My undergraduate thesis focused on the effects of density and species composition on the growth and yield of an interior forest stand.

I am currently working with data from a long term experimental plot initiated by the BC Ministry of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations. ABSTRACT INTEGRATION OF MULTIPLE CUES IN BIOMETRIC SYSTEMS By Karthik Nandakumar Biometrics refers to the automatic recognition of individuals based on their physiological andor behavioral characteristics.

Our research encompasses a wide range of natural resource disciplines and offers both a thesis and nonthesis option. Fast Facts. Choose a thesis or nonthesis option from a wide range of disciplines; Ready access to thousands of acres of working forests, rangelands and waterways.

Communicate forest biometric related topics to all levels of the RMS organization, to auditors, to clients, and to consultants. Primary RMS contact with growth and yield related cooperatives such as the Forest Management Research Cooperative (FMRC), Plantation Management Research Cooperative (PMRC), etc.

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