Citizen participation in planning an essay

An integral part of democracy is, by definition, citizen participation. Comment on the following statement: Without active participation by most of its citizens, a democracy is a failure.

Suggest ways citizens can be active participants, and discuss reasons why some citizens may not participate. Citizen participation in government has been practiced in the United States since its conception, the forums for the participation have changed but citizen input is still a vital part of the decision making process in American public administration.

Cogan, Sharpe and Hertberg, in the book The Practice of State and Regional Planning provide a concise overview of citizen participation in the planning process (So, et al, 1986 p. ). Following is a summary of their discussion. The literature review will take the form of an assessment of the emergence of public participation, the different types of participation and decision making models, followed by an analysis of the merits of collaborative planning as a tool for facilitating public participation within a development plan process.

Public participation is so important in land use planning for many reasons such as the benefits to the overall development with the inclusion of all stakeholders and the tragic failures that occur when there is no public participation. Participation can be seen as the inclusion of a diverse range of stakeholder contributions in an ongoing community development process, from identification of problem areas, to the development, implementation and management of strategic planning (Schafft and Greenwood, 2003, p.

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The broader the base of citizen participation in the planning process, the more potential influence the planner and citizens can bring to bear on public policies and plans; Planning Strategy 2. The broader the base of citizen participation, the more potential influence the planner can bring to bear on the social choices of the citizens and vice versa; 3.

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