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Oct Run script on windows resume, 2004  The problem is that Windows Script Host isnt designed to be an eventdriven environment; in other words, WSH doesnt know how to sit around and wait until an event (such as a key being pressed) occurs. Mar 02, 2016 Logon script run at system resume or" switch user" event I'm trying to introduce some automation into my home computer environment.

I've setup logon scripts using local group policy, but that only works if people actually log on and off.

Change sh pathtoscripttorun. sh in the script to whatever youd like to run on your Linux PC (or server) right before the system goes down for suspend. Keep in mind that the line directly after if does not need to be sh pathtoscripttorun.

sh. But you may want to check that. If you want to make a batch file to write that key on the registry, you probably should take a look at this tutorial. Sep 18, 2015  Page 1 of 2 Running commands on standby, hibernation and resume events posted in Scripts and Functions: Hi folks, this little script can act as an example for doing something when the computer is sent into sleep (standby and hibernation) and also when it resumes from that state.

Have fun, Rob Mute on hibernation Purpose: Sep 07, 2012  Run a script when windows resumes from suspendsleep via WMI Event Consumer Posted on September 7, 2012 September 11, 2012 by fullparam You may want to achieve some power savings, but it If you need to run a program on resume from the suspend state, follow below steps: Run Program on Resume from SleepHibernate with Task Scheduler Open Task Scheduler and click on Create a Task to create a new task.

Jan 26, 2012 In my case, it is an arbitrary (preWindows 8) image I am running on a Windows 8 system. I do in fact need a way to resume from a PS script. (I also need a way to detect the situation. ) Continue Your Automation To Run Once After Restarting a Headless Windows System If a script needs to schedule itself to run once on a headless restart then the script itself must reside on the local disk. Cloudifying Windows Everyday Resume May 18, 2015 I want to run a batch file when Vista resumes from sleep.

What" Trigger" do I use in Task Scheduler to accomplish this? Seeing as I have to log on after the computer wakes from sleep, I tried the" At Logon" trigger but this doesn't seem to work for some reason.

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