How to write petition in peter answers

Oct 13, 2017  In this article, I would like to answer the question how does Ask Peter work? Peter Answers is touted as a" Virtual Tarot"as though the page can predict your future. Petition is the place where you write Peter offers you a space to ask anything you want. However, before each question you must write a petition.

If the answer is not what you In its place part of the petition will be shown (Peter). Complete the petition with the remaining part: ( please answer). Write the question, press Sep 17, 2018 The petition box of Peter Answers is actually where you type the answer to your question.

You type a period and the answer to your question and a second period. Make sure it is a relatively short answer. As you type part of the phrase" Peter, please answer the following: " will appear in the box. How to do the petition? The formula to enter the petition is by writing: Peter please answer the following question or simply: Peter please answer.

Press to go to the following textbox. Quick Answer. The" trick" to Peter Answers, which is a virtual tarot site, involves answering the asked question in the petition form by entering a period symbol before and after the answer. When you enter the period symbol, what you see will be different than what you type, allowing you to write the correct answer without the asker knowing. Feb 08, 2007 Best Answer: In the" petition" box, type a period at the beginning of the answer you want to display.

The period will show up as a" P" in" Peter, please respond: " Then you proceed to type the answer while the program puts up the petition instead of displaying the answer you are typing. Sep 30, 2008  ok it asks u to write a petition. type in a period(. ) then type ur question. then the petition part will fool ur friends by making them think ur typing peter" please answer the fooling question". once u are done with ur answer type in ur question that belongs to the answer u just typed.

its simple once u get used 2 it. it took me a while Feb 20, 2007 i have used peter answers 3. 0 and he does not answer your qeustions, someone told me something that you write your answer in the petition, i dont know please tell me how to do it. Aug 19, 2018 How to Write a Petition. Five Parts: Create a blog or online forum where you can discuss your petition and answer the questions of potential signers.

Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to get the word out. The first step in writing a petition is to research, develop, and write a clear and specific goal

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