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How to Start a Mobile Bartending Service. Mobile bars and tables for outdoor events, consider investing in a mobile gazebo for shelter. Mobile bars range in price from 200 to 3, 500. Consider investing in gently used items to reduce these initial costs. Plan your business. How can the answer be improved? The Mobile Bar offers an excellent way to set up and run a unique and successful business About the business Mobile bars come in many and varied forms from a plank resting on beer kegs with a table cloth over, to purpose built portable units, to fully equipped trailers towed behind large lorries, kitted out as a full working cellar capable A Sample Mobile Bartending Business Plan Template Business Overview This industry which is regarded as the service industry is not an easy one, this is because as a mobile bartender, you always have to be in the thick of the events as you will be one of the most talked to person in the event where you will be serving.

Supplies Mobile Bartender Business Started: You're going to need to either build a small bar or buy one from a furniture outlet. You can pick one up pretty cheap, check your local classifieds to see if someone might be selling one.

If you are setting up a mobile juice bar, dont forget that you will need a truck for this and if you are opting for a restaurantstyle juice bar instead, you should remember to include cost of renting a restaurant space as well as cost of furnishing it in your business plan. The business plan consists of a narrative (body) and financial worksheets.

Work through the sections in any order that you want, except Planning the bar When planning, position the bar in a convenient area that is easily accessible and will not become congested with guests. Make sure you remember to create areas to hide things that dont need to be on show to guests like dirty glasses, bins, mobile phones, wallets and keys.

A mobile bar takes the drinks to the customers and is an ideal opportunity for an independent business owner. Flexible time schedules and customized drink menus give mobile bar owners a niche in the party market.

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