Literature review on nhis in nigeria

to provide universal access to quality healthcare service in the country, National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) was introduced in Nigeria (J ohnson, 2009); with the aim of providing universal LITERATURE REVIEW 2. 1 Waiting Time Keywords: Nigerian National Health Insurance Scheme, Shariah compliance, Islamic perspective, Literature review.

Introduction One of the challenges facing the whole Africa and Nigeria in particular, is in the area of healthcare. Literature considered for review were peer reviewed articles and grey literature on sustainability of the NHIS in Ghana.

The literature search was done in the English language using keywords such as: national health insurance scheme, operational sustainability, financial sustainability, health care quality, developing countries, In May 1999 the Nigerian government created the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), with formal enabling of private sector participation to reflect Nigerias operation of a mixed economy and to correct the previous management of national health insurance scheme (nhis) in nigeria, issues, problem and prospe cts.

management of national health insurance scheme (nhis) in nigeira, issues, problem and prospects. by literature review. 2. 1 an overview of the healthcare services delivery in Hence Ghana implemented the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to help promote access to health care services for Ghanaians. The study examined the influence of the NHIS on the behavior of health care providers in their treatment of insured and uninsured clients. The study took place in Bolgatanga (urban) and Builsa (rural) Awareness and perception of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) among Radiographers in South East Nigeria 67 2.

7 Summary of Literature Review 68 It would aid to have improved the monitoring of health care providers' activities within the scheme. Like any other country, the national health insurance scheme (NHIS) in Nigeria aimed to provide health insurance so that insured persons and their dependants are able to have access to good quality and costeffective healthcare services.

Financing and access are less equitable in Nigeria as, inter alia, private outofpocket expenditure has fallen from 80 to 66 of total spending in Ghana since the introduction of its NHIS but has remained at over 90 in Nigeria; NHIS membership in Nigeria and Ghana is approximately 3. 5 and 65, respectively; Nigeria offers a variable benefits The results of our literature review revealed a number of informative additional studies of SubSaharan African countries with regard to equity in financing and initiatives to achieve universal health care.

The National Health Insurance Scheme [Nigeria: ; Nigeria: National Health Insurance System.

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