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Write a self explanatory (1 sentence ) definition of each Goal (KRA). If you plan to follow BSC (Balanced Score Card) Pattern, then categorize each goal into one of the following categories: Customer, Financial, Internal Business Process, Learning and Growth. How can the answer be improved? How To Create A KRA (Key Results Area) On this episode of The Chris LoCurto Show, were discussing how to create a KRA (Key Results Area). The Key Results Area is all about increasing productivity on your team, because everyone knows what winning looks like in their role when you have a proper KRA in place.

Hi, I have to write a KRA for my role as a HR Executive (Recruitment). Can anybody helpme to identify some KRA(Key result areas) or can share a sample KRA description (for any role) so that I can have an idea of how to start about it. How to write KRAs? While writing a KRA, here are some things to keep in mind: Since these are based on job descriptions, go through the JD of the employee thoroughly. Home How to write goals kras for sales marketing hr it finance Blog How to write goals kras for sales marketing hr it finance KRA stands for Key Responsibility Areas.

These directly follow from job description of a person and represents the areas in which he or she is expected to perform. Goal (KRA) Category Definition and Measures 5 Weight. SMART KRA Template Feel free to use the following template to define your employees KRAs. Also. expected closure price and customer details in a separate customer profile document. budgeting. and update periodically based on changing market scenarios and insights from the

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