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Given the chance to correct my mistake, I forwarded an updated resume to the hiring manager days before the interview. But guess what? But guess what? I interviewed with four more people than I expected, and they all had the old version of my resume.

Do I give my interviewer a revised resume? Update Cancel. ad by Grammarly. Your writing, at its best. If they asked for an updated resume, you would be foolish not to provide one.

The purpose of the resume' is to get you an interview; Once you are in one, the resume' is an accessory and the focus is on you while they quiz to see 1. if Should I take a better, revised resume to a job interview or use the one I originally sent? Update Cancel. Have you ever lied on your resume or job interview, and got the job? When are interviews used? I would bring the updated resume! Sometimes what people have in their hands is a plain version spit out by a computer so its nice If you do decide to come to the interview with an updated resume, it might be good to tell them ahead of the interview that you've prepared a nicer version of the resume and offer to email it over.

permalink Can I Update My Resume AFTER the 2nd Interview? September 26, You dont have to change the end date on your resume since it happened after you started the job interview process and youve already made it through your 2nd interview.

You can correct that if and when youre hired and need to fill out employment forms. Work Coach Cafe Stay up to date with this 2018 resume format guide. Includes types of resumes, how to choose the best format, fonts, categories to include and a lot more! May 13, 2007 Should I bring my 'revamped' resume to my interview I have to agree with Mark. Internal or External, if someone pushes me an updated resume, all that goes through my mind is that you didn't prepare adequately when you first applied, you talked to my employees and tried to tailor your resume to meet the job, etc.

May 25, 2011  I'm surprised a lot of people think it's okay to bring a new, updated resume to an interview.

This is completely unprofessional and it lacks integrity to your original resume and to yourself. Hiring managers who are interviewing for important positions will have read your original resume, prepared questions and made notes

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