Racf resume command

6 IBM Security zSecure RACF Password Service Stream Enhancement: Documentation updates v Revoke or resume a user either now or at a future date using a RACF When the command is issued as a RACF operator command, the command and the possible BINDPW password data is written to the system log. Therefore, use of ALTUSER as a RACF operator command should either be controlled or you should issue the command as a TSO command.

Delete a userid from RACF database. Group Profiles; AG grpname OWNER(owner) Add a group to RACF. LG grpname: List a RACF group details. ALG grpname Change the Superior Group of a RACF group. ALG grpname DATA(instdata) Change installation data of A group profile consists of a RACF segment and, optionally, other segments such as DFP and OMVS.

The LISTGRP command provides you with the option of listing the information contained in the entire group profile (all segments), or listing the information contained only in a specific segment of the group profile. Posted: Sat May 14, 2005 2: 25 am Post subject: Password Reset using RACF command Hi, I see to Security Admin part in my unit. We use the VRA (Vanguard Admin) for the RACF admin. Whenever a mainframe user id password gets revoked we have a option 6 in the VRA (which i go into from TSO) where we resume the password and Possess technical skill set with extensive exposure to Mainframe Logical Security Administration in OS390 and zOS platform.

Accomplished professional with a unique blend of Management, Technical, Functional and Qualitative skills, keen to developupgrade the skill set through lifelong learning. Sysprog Cheat Sheets: RACF Commands. Command Description; LU userid: Lists users details: LG usergroup: Lists user group details: ALU userid RESUME: Resumes user with current password: ALU userid RESUME PASS(temppassword) Resumes user with a temporary password: RACF Command Tips 2016 RSH Consulting, Inc.

All Rights Reserved. SHARE March 2016 2 RSH Consulting Robert S. Hansel RSH Consulting, Inc. is an IT security Roy McCollough passes this one on through the RACF list server: If you need to enter lower case characters in RACF commands (for example, to specify info for the OMVS segment), you can put single quotes around the data. zSecure Admin and Audit for RACF Line Commands and Primary Commands Summary, SC Line commands that can be used in

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