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PNKF Kendo Shinsa Written Test Questions INSTRUCTIONS: Include your name, date, AUSKF#and requested rank. This is an essay question. Do not write a short answer. Use your own words, be original. Describe the KiKenTaiIchi B) Describe the 4 Types of Kendo Footwork. AshiSabaki 2Dan: Choose (1) of the following Kikentaiichi literally means Spirit Sword Body One. While there is a lot of discussion of kikentaiichi on the internet, of the many books I have purchased on kendo, I have seen at most a couple sentences devoted to its meaning.

This terminology, Ki Ken Tai Icchi is very important in kendo. If we cannot do this right, we cannot improve our kendo. This is the mustacquired movement in kendo. Kikentaiichi, from the Japanese kanji, describes the condition when all essential elements of a strike are unified in a single instant culminating in the perfect strike. The resulting strike, called the yukodatotsu, or, valid strike, is a goal all Budoka should strive to achieve.

Recently, I passed my Kendo shodan examination in Detroit. As part of the exam, I had to write an essay on the meaning of kikentaiichi (). Here are my thoughts. Kendo Promotion Examinations Written Test Example Questions (1 Kyu 4 Dan) Each Kendo Federation may have its own questions.

1Kyu: Explain the benefits of Kirikaeshi Dec 20, 2003 ki ken tai ichi If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Monty Maxwell KC Kendo Shodan Exam 2013 November 3 Ki Ken Tai Ichi! ! When performing an action in kendo, be it anything from a complex series of movements ending in multiple strikes, to a simple movement one step to the left, the

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