Paste resume on computer

The company might instruct applicants to copy and paste the text from the resume document into a blank field on the Web page. Some hiring companies and joblisting websites prefer that applicants use builtin resume features.

You can paste text you have recently copied or cut. If you copy or cut text from your computer, an email or a web page, you can paste it just about anywhere.

OK, now were ready to get started. 1. Cut or Copy Highlight the Text or Link To start the copy and paste process, you need to highlight the text or link that you would like to copy.

When you are filling out an online job application and need to cut& paste your resume, open up the text version of your resume in the text processor application. To copy your resume, highlight the entire text of your resume and select Copy from the Edit menu. 9. Click once to open the menu. 10. Click the Select All option. 11. Go to the Edit menu again, and select the Copy option. 12. Open the web site you would like to paste the resume to.

13. Click in the box where it asks for your resume. Go to the Edit menu again, and select the Paste option. Though you should always paste a resume online when asked, you should also bring a copy to the job interview. Copying and pasting your resume into a Webpage form is one of the most common ways to apply for jobs online. Next, click on your browser window to go back to the page where you will paste your resume. Position your mouse in the text box and rightclick one time.

but you just copied the information to your computer's clipboard. Bring your browser window back to the front so you can see the text box. Clarksalaam, Laila. " How to Copy and Paste

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