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A Moving Experience!

You don’t have to be a regular reader of our blog to have worked out that Frankie and Beryl are just a tiny bit spoiled:)  I do things for them like buy enough stuffies at a garage sale to cover a double bed,

They are nearly all in stuffie heaven now!

I baked Frankie a bacon and cheese birthday cake which he and Beryl devoured over 2 nights:)

Their new collars arrived last week, belated birthday present for Frankie and early Gotcha Day present for Beryl.

Silk with black flocking:)
Mr Cool, I know I look good in green!

What Frankie doesn’t know yet is that Beryl has inherited his new collar as even though it’s a heavy cotton and only a week old it’s already showing signs of wear!!  And Beryl looks really good in it too:)  Saves me buying her a green one.

Then they have their own foam mattress in the lounge room, a big, comfy sofa which they prefer to the couches in the house, I changed my car recently to a 4WD so I can drive along the beach to the best spots to give them a run, etc etc.  I don’t think I’m being excessive though, do you?

To show my love for them knows no boundaries I’ve done something pretty out there even for me … I bought them this

Our new home on half an acre:)

I was driving home from Foxton Beach a couple of months ago thinking how much I’d like to live there, and I had a ‘lightbulb’ moment!  Perhaps we could:)  And that was the beginning of much scouring of the Internet for a suitable place, going to Open Homes down there, and lots of wondering if I’m doing the right/best thing.  It didn’t take me long to realise that living at the beach wouldn’t be ideal and then I found this house which is down a little dirt road, doesn’t have any neighbours except horses and cows and is on half an acre of land.  It’s about a 10 minute drive to the beach and about a 3 minute drive to the town of Foxton.  The house is wonderful, very low maintanence with a few luxuries I’ve never had e.g. a double garage WITH an automatic opening door and a self contained flat attached to the double garage.  The flat is going to be a lovely ‘kennel’ for Frankie and Beryl while I’m at work;)  Oh, and a wood fire, yum!  I’ve got gas here and it’s not nice.  Of course, I’ll be going into Winter without any dry firewood but hopefully I can get some somewhere:)

Possession date is March 30th which is when the ‘moving experience’ will begin.  In the meantime I’m wrestling with emptying John’s house so the new owners can start moving in and spending many hours trying to work out the best and cheapest way to fence off the driveway so F & B can have the whole front lawn while I’m at work, instead of confining them to the backyard, which is still a reasonable size.  And I have to do some sort of makeshift fence behind the front hedge as there isn’t one there and Frankie would soon find a way through there to go exploring!

Before the big shift I also have to sort out whether I can get broadband or not!  Because my house is the only one on the road it isn’t a given.  The lady I’m buying it from doesn’t own a computer so isn’t any help:(  I may have to get satellite installed which will take time and I may have to make trips to the library (actually, I don’t know if there is a library in Foxton!) or the Internet Cafe, I know there is one of them there, to even get my email.

Another thing on my mind is that my friends in Foxton with dogs aren’t enamoured with the local vet so I’ll probably keep taking F & B to their present vets, which is a 30 minute drive.  I don’t have a doggie first aid kit as such and was really pleased to see this post on Doggie Stylish with a link to information on making up such a first aid kit.  I am managing to read a few blog posts here and there;)

So, this is what’s been happening in the past couple of months and why I’ve been so quiet blogging and visiting and commenting.  Hopefully life will be starting to settle down again in a month or so and I can catch up and get back into the swing of things.  I’m starting to wonder if this is such a good idea when I think of all the work I’ve still got to do with packing up and shifting but I know it will be worth it in the end … I hope!


Thank you all for your kind comments on my photography a couple of posts ago:)  I was really delighted to read all the compliments.  I had a few people ask about my cameras and hope to do a post on why I chose both of them but it probably won’t happen for a while now so I’ll tell you quickly what I use.  My P&S is a Panasonic DMC TZ7/ZS3 (depending on where you live) and is discontinued now.  Usually I hand my cameras on to my Dad in Australia but I’m keeping this one as a back up.  My new DSLR is a Sony Alpha a35 SLT.  I did a lot of research on DSLR’s (this is why I have so much trouble keeping up with blogs, I seem to be always researching something the past few months!) and discovered there are some new breeds of digital cameras out there now.  These include micro four thirds and what I got, Single Lens Translucent.  There are other formats too.  One reason I got the camera I did is that is does lots of frames per second, which I’m hoping will help me get good action photos of Beryl:)  Another is that it will take old Minolta lenses which can be bought relatively cheaply.  I haven’t got time to go into details but if you’re thinking about upgrading from a P&S check out the other formats that are available now.  There are some that are only slightly bigger than a P&S like the Sony NEX range and the Nikon J1 and V1.  Mine is slightly smaller than an entry level DSLR.

When I bought my camera I was in a lull between selling and buying as there was a possibility John’s house wasn’t going to sell to the people who wanted it and someone else put in an offer on the house I wanted so I just had to sit and wait and worry, but everything fell into place, whew.  Now I haven’t got time to learn how to use my camera so I’m just taking photos and playing around with it.


OK, gotta go.  I should be out at John’s cleaning the oven but I’ll do that this afternoon instead of mowing my lawns, lol!  Don’t forget us please … we’re going to miss you but I’ll do my best to visit even if I haven’t got time to comment:)

PS – I know a few of you have moved house in recent months, any tips greatly appreciated!  I’m still debating with myself whether to get removalists in to move the bigger stuff that I can’t fit in my car and a trailer, or to borrow a horsefloat which I’ve been offered the use of, and try and find some ‘muscle’ to help me.  There are times it would be useful to have a bloke;)  I can be stupidly independent at times and don’t like asking for help!

PPS – Some readers have commented on liking my blog header photo, thank you very much:)  But I don’t actually know which one is being mentioned as I’ve done a few different ones and they’re on a random rotation, lol!  Another time wasting thing I enjoy doing.

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  1. houndstooth

    After our last move, I swore I’d never move again! lol So I’m afraid I’m no help in that department, but I’m so happy and excited for you, Frankie and Beryl! Also, Bunny wanted to commend Beryl on her choice of collar! We saw that one at Alisha’s booth at Dewey and it’s gorgeous in person! Beryl looks lovely!

    I hope you’ll be able to come back to the DDC after your move. Bunny’s gotten lonely being the only resident Greyhound! lol
    houndstooth recently posted..A Puppy On The Trail

  2. Angela Jardine

    You have been busy! Congratulations on your new house. It looks like you, Frankie and Beryl will have a great time there. So exciting, well…except for the actual packing and unpacking part. I love those new collars you got too.
    Angela Jardine recently posted..Monday Morning

  3. Angela

    Wow…you have a lot going on right now! Congrats on the new house! We didn’t go quite that far, but we did buy a minivan for our dogs! I remember being at the dealership and the salesperson asked why we were interested in a minivan? My husband and I looked at each other, laughed, and then said “it’s for our dogs”! 🙂
    Angela recently posted..Are We Having Fun Yet?

  4. Michelle

    Congrats my friend! I think everyone will be happy with their new digs!

  5. Jen

    Those are beautiful collars!

    A half acre sounds lovely! We unfortunately don’t have much of a yard. Moving, though, has been tragic every time I’ve had to do it.
    Jen recently posted..March 13 is K9 Veteran’s Day

  6. Dobermom

    When we moved, I went to the dollar store and bought out all their white tissue paper and used that to wrap all my kitchen items instead of newspaper. That way, I didn’t have to wash my dishes when I got to the new house 🙂 (Actually, I guess you wouldn’t really have to limit yourself to white – if you’re OK with wrapping your dishes in tissue paper, any color would work.)

  7. Karen Friesecke

    Your new house looks lovely!! Congratulations and I hope that the move goes smoothly. While the last time I moved house was 10 years ago, I have helped friends move multiple times over the years.(the benefits of owning a pickup truck) Hire movers for the big stuff, you back & mental health will thank you!! I don’t mind moving small stuff, but sofas, tables and TVs aren’t fun.

    When you have the time, you need to share the bacon birthday cake. It looks so good that I want to try it!!
    Karen Friesecke recently posted..Dog A Day Project – Pop Can Pup

  8. rottrover

    Oh how wonderfully exciting!! Congratulations!! See you soon!!

    -Bart and Ruby
    rottrover recently posted..Quick Pupdate on ME, Ruby

  9. Kerstin

    I hope that Frankie and Beryl will find the new home as a great place for their daily romp.
    Kerstin recently posted..rock guitar sheet music

  10. mary & Terry

    hey susie that is fantastic ohhhh so sorry we cant be there to help you shift we in AK with the boys and girls and we Mishka grandaughter will be great to catch up with you take care xx

  11. Rach :)

    Wow – you have been busy!! Sounds fantastic though – you must be very excited about your shift (I love Foxton Beach – we used to go there all the time from Palmerston North as kids)!! All the best with your big move – looking forward to seeing some pics of Beryl and Frankie hooning about the new place!

    P.S. I would love to know where you order the collars from. They are so smart!!

  12. Lilli

    That looks really nice house! We’ve been looking something like that too 🙂 Good luck with the moving!

    Lilli recently posted..Jouni Hynynen: Kesämies / Jouni Hynynen: Summerman

  13. Sue

    I am so pleased you have founbd the right place for you, Frankie and Beryl. I hope the move goes smoothly and you are soon settled in. Also hope you can get connected, as we will all mniss you and your beautiful photos.

  14. genjiscorner

    So much stuff going on. I thought we were spoiling when we upgraded the couch, bed, car, and fence/ramp. But a new house is tops. Haven’t moved in a decade, so no advice. But I’m sure you’re looking forward to settling down in the new house and getting a routine going. Good luck with the move.
    genjiscorner recently posted..Auntie Aubry Visit

  15. Caron

    Wow, Congratulations on the new house, it is beautiful! Frankie and Beryl are going to love the yard. It sounds like a wonderful location, I bet you will love it. Can’t wait to hear more about your move.
    Caron recently posted..Sun

  16. Robin Eichert

    This is so exciting! F&B are going to love this place — it sounds so wonderful and special for you all. Best of luck in the moving process, it will all be worth it!
    Robin Eichert recently posted..Looks are important; but the components underneath are critical

  17. Georgia Little Pea

    Dear Sue, you’ve been busy … Is probably an understatement!

    Congratulations on the new house. You are some dogmama! It sounds perfect (for F and B ;p) though the vet problem is unfortunate. March 30 doesn’t leave you much time. Poor thing, with John’s place to handle as well.

    We’ve moved around a fair bit in the last 20 years. I always use a removalist. It’s so much easier. Insurance is a pain but has paid off big time for us before. I get flats from the removalist a week before and do all the tiny things packing myself as I’ve had unfortunate experiences with them disappearing. Labeling is a must! Prep one box of essentials that’ll see you through the first day (like coffee and underwear haha). Prepping one for F and B would prob be a good idea too.

    That’s my 2 cents worth :). I hope you have a great and stress free move. Lucky F and B to be living so close to the beach and with 1/2 acre. I can only dream of that.

    Hugs x
    Georgia Little Pea recently posted..“Please Mr Butcher, can I have a bone for my dog?”

  18. Tucker's Mom

    Wow, congratulations! We can’t wait till you move in and we can see pics of the new place! I bet Frankie and Beryl will love it!
    Tucker’s Mom recently posted..Wordless Wednesday with Phoebe

  19. Kristin G.

    How very cool! Congratulations on your new home. It sounds perfect, and I bet Frankie and Beryl will LOVE it! Good luck with the move. We’ll be watching for updates when you have time.
    Kristin G. recently posted..Wordless Wednesday, 3/14/2012

  20. Amy@GoPetFriendly

    Congratulations! The new house looks fabulous and F & B are so lucky to be moving so close to the beach. They are the most spoiled pups ever! =)
    Amy@GoPetFriendly recently posted..United Airlines Discriminates Against Certain Dog Breeds

  21. Declan

    I’ve missed you Beryl, my love! Okay I got a list of things I need to say.
    1. Beryl. You have got to wear your green collar on Saturday. We are going to a party and it’s really important. Get Frankie one too!
    2. Mum is completely appalled to realise that her P&S is an upgraded version of your TZ7! Which begs the question, why are her pictures so cr*p?!
    3. We are all insanely jealous about your new house. It looks fantastic!
    4. GET REMOVAL MEN! Mum says the best think she has ever done was book a packing & removal service. Old house full of cr*p. Go to pub, come back & contents packed and all in a big lorry. And unpacked other end. Worth it’s weight in gold! Deccy x Ps. See you Saturday….!
    Declan recently posted..Crisis Averted……

  22. Pamela

    So glad to see that prep for the move is going along. I’ll join with the others who advised hiring movers for the big stuff. What’s fun when you’re twenty is less fun when you’re an adult mom of two full grown pups. 🙂

    And don’t think Beryl and Frankie are the only spoiled pups. I only own a house for Honey. Otherwise, I’d be quite happy in an apartment for now. 🙂
    Pamela recently posted..New Trick to Teach Your Dog – Pub Herding

  23. Never Say Never Greyhounds

    Congrats on the new home! Very exciting. I hope the transition goes smoothly.
    Never Say Never Greyhounds recently posted..Agility Trial

  24. Honey the Great Dane

    Wow! Congratulations on your new house!! Sounds like you’bve been having a really busy time but all worth it! I wasn’t sure I understood – are you going to keep the house you have now or sell it?

    Yup, those are 2 thoroughly spoilt pups! 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about them exploring their new home…

    Honey the Great Dane recently posted..Doggie Holiday in Port Stephens! – Part 1

  25. Sally Lees

    Its completely reasonable to buy a house because its going to work for the dogs! I’m hoping to add on a conservatory with a dog door specially for George and Mynx (Fatima posts lovely pix of dogs lounging in the sun). Mynx wants to move in with you and play with the stuffies! She and George have a toy box in the lounge – it makes it a doddle to tidy up by biffing them all in, and they enjoy snouting round in it when they want to play. Good luck with the move – your new home sounds fantastic.

  26. Donna and the Dogs

    A great big to congrats to you!! Seems like a nice situation, close to town and to the beach, but no neighbors up your rear. Lots of room for you, the dogs, and even to park that 4X4! Enjoy!!
    Donna and the Dogs recently posted..Kent, Kent, and more Kent

  27. Emma

    Congratulations!!! I am so very happy to hear everything fell into place for you. The house is wonderful. Love the collars they are gorgeous. Frankie and Beryl are so lucky to have a wonderful, thoughtful, caring, and loving human.

    I am so jealous of Frankie’s cake. I bet it was amazingly delicious.

    Happy Birthday Frankie and Happy Gotcha Day Beryl.

    Emma recently posted..Hide It, Find It or Rip It

  28. sue taylor

    Wow how lovely, I’m sure it will go just fine and before you now it you’ll all be settled in your lovely new home. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness.
    sue taylor recently posted..Oops!

  29. Michelle

    Oh, Congrats!! Your new home is lovely!! Beryl and Frankie are going to love the yard, their new flat and being so close to the beach. 🙂 We just moved into our new home a month ago. We moved ourselves using PODS (portable on demand storage) boxes. We had our furniture delivered, as we purchased all new furniture. We had lots of help from family and friends with packing up our garage, which was our biggest challenge. If you can get some muscle help or some movers, I would highly recommend it. We were so exhausted from the weeks of packing, cleaning our old place to get it ready for the new owners and loading the PODS that we barely had energy to unload/unpack and clean our new place. Next time we move, which won’t be for at least 10 years, we will pay movers to do it. I still have boxes to unpack, but we are waiting for our new cabinets to be delivered, which will give us more storage. Our home was built in ’65 and lacks storage, so we are adding some in creative ways. 🙂 Whichever option you choose, I wish you the best of luck! You will be so happy once you get settled. It will be stressful for a little bit though. 🙂

  30. Elizabeth

    Congratulations to you and the new (lovely, dreamy, beachy, dog-friendly) house!

    I hope you do find a “bloke” (or 2, 3, 4) to help you with the moving. It does go so much faster when you’ve got strong people who know how to get bulky things through doorways.

    Just think of all the fun you, F and B are going to have in just a few weeks!

    P.S. We had our house built with a wood-burning fireplace, even though everyone is going with gas these days. Nothing can compare to a real crackling fire in winter.
    Elizabeth recently posted..A Corgi Limerick for Ye – 2012 Edition

  31. Leslie

    WOW! That’s some big news! I LOVE the house and so close to the beach – Frankie and Beryl will love it. Love the plants around the yard,too. And no neighbors? Oh good grief, what more could you (they) ask for?

    So I thought Bella had a lot of toys until I saw your picture. I feel like such a slacker now. 😉

    And don’t you worry about us. We’ll be right here waiting whenever you have time to come back and share your adventures with us. 🙂
    Leslie recently posted..Opposites distract

  32. Trude

    Nikki and I vowed that next time we’re hiring movers, no question about it. You can get it all set and done in one day, not have to worry about friends flaking, and the professionals will be responsible if something happens! 🙂 The new place looks lovely, congratulations!!
    Trude recently posted..The Lake

  33. Chloe

    Love the new collars! And I have no idea what it’s like to spoil your dogs. 😉 Good luck with your move. The new house sounds wonderful!!
    Chloe recently posted..Wordless Wednesday #54: More Flat Twiggy and Onyx Fun

  34. Danyelle Franciosa

    It seems that you are doing a lot of things! Can I have one of your stuff toys? hahaha just joking. 🙂
    Danyelle Franciosa recently posted..Bifold Doors

  35. Debi

    Love the dogs 🙂 Good luck with the house move!
    Debi recently posted..What Is A LPN Salary?

  36. Alison

    I’m also among the ones that love your header 🙂
    Alison recently posted..Cheap Infant Car Seats