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A Love Story.

I first met Asher the day I picked up Riley, my first foster dog, from the kennels.  Asher (or Groucho as he was known then) was being picked up by his new owners.  When he was brought in to the office I was smitten.  He was a bewildered little boy, very beautiful but not a happy camper.  I was wishing I’d seen him on the GAP website!  His new owners didn’t seem very impressed with him, very nonchalant about everything.  I just wanted to cuddle him and tell him everything will be all right!

So Riley and I came home and I forgot all about Groucho.  Honestly, with Riley in the house I hardly had time to think about anything else:)  Looking back he was quite hard work for a first time fosterer!  I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I said I’d give him a quiet place to learn about pet life.  But we muddled along and he did improve a lot after 2 months with us.

A week ago the GAP girls suggested I swap Chips for Groucho.  The name rang a bell but that was all.  He’d been returned after 5 months due to separation anxiety … somehow I think the novelty had worn off and his owners weren’t prepared to put any work into helping him.  The girls told me more about him and his colour and I remembered our first meeting and how I fell for him that day.

After 5 months as a pet Groucho looked just as bewildered as the first day I saw him.  As much as I hated parting with Chips he didn’t need to be fostered, he’s damn near perfect 🙂  Groucho needed some TLC and a new name!!  He showed no response when I called him Groucho anyway.  I did some thinking and came up with Asher.  What I didn’t know was that his previous owners had already renamed him as Oscar.  But he isn’t an Oscar either.  It’s no wonder he didn’t answer to Groucho though!

This love story isn’t actually about me and Asher, it’s about Beryl and Asher!!  She has tolerated all the foster boys, she did like Mambo and Chips but Asher she loves 🙂


Frankie and Greyhounds
Frankie is very pleased that Beryl and Asher are getting on so well!

What about Frankie and Asher?

Asher is getting used to Frankie's style of play and starting to hold his own!
Asher is getting used to Frankie’s style of play and starting to hold his own!

Now, if/when I got another Greyhound I secretly wanted a blue brindle girl, or a black girl or any coloured brindle girl but Beryl had other plans for me.  Beryl usually gets what she wants so chances are that Asher will be making this his home.  It’s not all plain sailing, Frankie has decided he doesn’t want to share me with Asher.  He was like that with the first 3 foster Greyhounds and we managed the situation.  But with Mambo and Chips he was fine.  Asher has got Separation Anxiety but it’s not severe and I’m sure we can help him with that.  We’ve got a few things to work on before I make a final decision.  Asher has to be happy too.  He has gotten a bit of confidence and become more animated and playful over the week he’s been here.  He still looks bewildered and worried at times but I don’t blame him.  He’s not a ‘take things in his stride’ type of dog.  As far as he’s concerned his future is still uncertain.

Greyhound ears
He looks happy enough here doesn’t he! I love his wacky ears.

Beryl and her first love, Deccy, had more or less decided their long distance romance had run it’s course about the same time Asher came on the scene.  Deccy has moved on too and he and Beryl both wish each other nothing but the best, whatever the future holds for them.  I have to say that I didn’t know Beryl was a cougar at heart though!  She’s just turned 7 and Asher won’t be 3 until December 16th!!  Talk about cradle snatching!  Lucky bitch, lol.

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  1. Declan

    Well it is great to see you three all so happy together; especially Beryl and Asher. She is a very fussy girl…and I should know 😉 Beryl was the first girl I fell for and she is very very dear to me; so Asher better treat her right! He looks like a keeper to me Sue, and I’m willing to bet that it’s a happy ever after ending. Deccy x ps. I want an invite to the wedding….
    Declan recently posted..Norfolk 2013

  2. Solo Irvine

    Asher is a very handsome boy – our Mum thinks he’s irresistible (her old Afghan hound was a blue brindle).

    We’re sorry the long-distance thing with Deccy came to its end, but it’s nice that Beryl and Deccy are still great friends!

    I have to say, Asher looks like a keeper to us! All paws and fingers crossed here that everything works out for all of you. 🙂

    Love from Solo and Krissy xxx
    Solo Irvine recently posted..Greyhounds as Pets NZ Winter Wonderland Weekend!

  3. houndstooth

    Oh, he is a stunner, and I had a feeling there was something very special about him! I have a feeling that your home is just what he needs, especially with Beryl giving her seal of approval! Congratulations!
    houndstooth recently posted..A Lovely Fall Weekend

  4. Leslie

    Oh lucky Asher! I sensed in your earlier post about him that he had struck a chord with you. The pictures of him and Beryl do clearly show a fondness there. I’m so happy for all of you.
    Leslie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 107 – Diggidy-doo-da dog

  5. genjiscorner

    Beryl is a girl who knows what she wants, and gets it. Such a handsome fella. Hope nothing stops him from becoming a permanent member.
    genjiscorner recently posted..Bed Situation

  6. Terri Gardner

    I I so hope this works out for all of you. At this point everyone sure looks smitten. Everyone just looks beautiful together.
    Terri Gardner recently posted..A Pumpkin For Penny

  7. Sue

    This has really made my day. If you hadn’t said you were having him I would have arranged for him to be flown here:) He is one handsome lad, so not surprised Beryl is in love. Looks like he will be a good bro for Frankie, so all in all he is a definite keeper.

    Looking forward to future posts about all three.

  8. Hazel

    This Asher is the velvet fur hound that I loved in yesterday’s photos. So glad he loves Beryllium!

  9. Angela Jardine

    Who wouldn’t fall in love with Asher! He’s absolutely gorgeous!! I love those wacky ears too.
    Angela Jardine recently posted..Maddy reviews “By Nature”…

  10. Lori - What Remains Now

    Oh! I hope everything works out so that Asher can stay. He and Beryl look so happy together. Will be praying that Frankie adds his seal of approval soon. Then, it’s a done deal.
    Lori – What Remains Now recently posted..In My Studio – October 21

  11. Pup Fan

    Aw, what a sweetie!

  12. Michelle

    I can’t believe I missed this! Asher is gorgeous and it appears that he is fitting right in. I hope things work out for all!

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  14. MelF

    That last line made me laugh out loud. Ha! You go Beryl! And here I thought she was the one who was shaking her head (and body) no. So glad Asher is staying. He is a beauty. Hope they all settle in and grow to love one another.
    MelF recently posted..Black and White Sunday #58 – The land of trees and leaves

  15. Chloe Twiggy and Onyx

    This is so great! I can’t wait to learn more about Asher and see how his personality unfolds. I’m happy to let you know how we handled Twiggy’s separation anxiety, but I know each dog is different. Congrats!
    Chloe Twiggy and Onyx recently posted..One Tip For Dealing With Separation Anxiety in Dogs

  16. Tiffany Dryburgh

    I’ve been going backwards through your blog so I know you’ve decided Asher has his forever home and I am so pleased!! He is beautiful and you three are obviously just what he needed all along. I’ve loved looking at the pics of them all playing, he has found his heaven methinks 🙂

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