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A Charmed Life!

Frankie’s quick thinking and great athletic ability have got him into and out of a number of scrapes over the years.  But I’m very pleased that I didn’t witness his most recent ‘Great Escape’!  Although if things had turned out differently I would be wishing I had.

What happened?  Well, two weeks ago Fatima and I went on a road trip to Wellington to deliver two foster Greyhounds to their families.  It was a good trip, everything went smoothly although we got back a bit later than I expected, well after dark.  Frankie and Beryl had the run of the backyard and their lovely room in the flat to lounge around in.

What greeted me?  This … although the photos were taken the next day after I’d spent some time the previous night cleaning up the worst of the mess

The flat ranchslider from the outside
From the inside

How did Frankie fare?  Much better than the ranchslider!!!

A reasonably deep wound on his toe

It was worse than it looks in the photo but not bad enough for a Saturday night trip to the vet for a couple of staples.  How on earth he smashed through that window without severing something I’ll never know.  My guess is that one of the closer neighbours 15 cats came for a visit and he instantly decided it would be much quicker to go through the glass than the dog door.  Of course he didn’t know what would happen if he did that, but he does now!  He was very relieved to not be told off for making a big mess and didn’t even appear to have a sore head!  Beryl was in a slight state of shock.  I’ll also never know how neither of them cut their feet on the glass that was spread around inside and outside the flat.  It was our lucky night I guess.

My initial thought was to get the glass replaced ASAP but on thinking about it overnight I decided not to.  I’ve taken all the broken glass out and covered the gap with the same plastic as you can see outside the flat and it’s got a big red X over it!  I thought it would be sensible to see if he does it again only the next time he’d just go through the plastic. So far so good.  Needless to say, all the ranchsliders and ground level windows in the house are now festooned with stickers:)

Has anybody else got any ‘Great Escape’ stories?


Apologies for not getting round and catching up on blogs during the week as I hoped to do.  I’m back at work after two months off shifting houses and I’ve been too tired at night to do more than check my emails.  Work sucks, lol!  Falling asleep on the couch after eating tea, in front of a TV that doesn’t even go yet is pretty pathetic:)  Hopefully next week will be better after a couple of days of rest.

Although I’m not getting much rest as I’m not home much this weekend.  This afternoon Beryl and I went and did some awareness raising and donation accepting for GAP for an hour at a supermarket about 45 minutes drive away.  Tomorrow afternoon we’ve got a GAP walk about 45 minutes away.

This means I take Frankie for a walk on his own in the mornings so he isn’t left out.  This morning we went to the forest so I could grab some pinecones and bring home.  What did I find there but some sort of gin type trap on the ground!!  Luckily (again!) I found it before Frankie and set it off.  We hightailed it out of there in case there were any more around.  I’ve seen possum traps and rat traps in there but the possum traps are up in the trees and both the possum traps and rat traps are enclosed so dogs and cats can’t get in them.  This was different and quite capable of shattering the paw of a cat or dog.  I was quite shaken up after finding this and when I got home I emailed a girlfriend who lives locally and walks her dogs in that area too.  She has never seen anything like it and was going to make enquiries.  I’ll have a quick look tomorrow morning and see if it’s still there and will bring it out if it is.  There are quite a few people who walk their dogs in the forest and having things like that in there is bloody dangerous!

Right, I’m off to visit some friends.  Have a great weekend everyone, take care and hug your dogs for me:)

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  1. Declan

    Blimey Frankie mate, you need to be careful! It’s very tempting to call you bonehead, but I won’t in case Beryl shouts at me! Have a good weekend & give your sister a hug from me. Deccy x
    Declan recently posted..Flynn

  2. Angela J

    Oh my gosh! How did he only cut his foot! Those jagged pieces of glass really could have done some damage, thankfully Beryl didn’t go through with the thin skin of greyhounds, she could have gotten badly cut up. Frankie must have a hard head. Good idea about the stickers on the windows; we just put the screens in our doors for the summer and I was thinking about hanging a bandana or something across them so the hounds don’t run them done. Finding a trap out on your walk musst have been a frightening thing too!
    Angela J recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 05/23/12

  3. genjiscorner

    Eek! We always tell new adopters to put sticky notes on clear glass doors, since they don’t what they are. I’m hoping he’s definitely learned his lesson. Who would put such dangerous traps in the woods where people and dogs could get injured?
    genjiscorner recently posted..Grapehounds Virginia 2012

  4. Caron

    Holy Cow, Frankie! He must have just charged right at the cat at full speed to break that. I’m so glad it was only one cut that he got. Luckily we’ve never had anything like that happen.

    It must be a very ignorant and cruel person that would put a trap like that out. Even if they intended it only for the wild animals, it’s a very cruel and inhumane way to trap an animal. Unfortunately I know about it and saw it countless times when I was a child. 🙁
    Caron recently posted..Desert Botanical Garden

  5. Crystal

    Hopefully he learned his lesson with that one window and won’t do it again!

    With the trap, you should contact local authorities first before removing the trap. I know in my area, leg-hold traps are legal with permits, and you can get in a LOT of trouble for removing a legally set trap without permission. You don’t want to get in trouble by taking it out without checking into the laws about trapping first.
    Crystal recently posted..Lure coursing and flyball

  6. Sue

    OMG! I am so glad Frankie is ok and Beryl. Maybe it would be better to put in a hard plastic or even board up the lower glass panes.

    That trap sounds nasty. Think notices need to be put up to warn dog walkers.

    Hope you soon feel settled in and can actually enjoy your lovely new home.

  7. Georgia Little Pea

    Had some trouble visiting you today. Hmmm.. Anyway am here now!

    I’m glad Beryl and Frankie are okay. What lucky dogs! I hope you find out who’s been laying those traps. What a nutter.

    Good to hear what you guys are up to again x
    Georgia Little Pea recently posted..Thank you Mr Callaghan!

    • Georgia Little Pea

      My dear! 3 weeks behind? Forget it! Jump to the saga of the moment! I might have to move to Ecuador sooner than I thought ;p
      Georgia Little Pea recently posted..Thank you Mr Callaghan!

  8. hornblower

    WOW, how scary! So glad they weren’t badly hurt!
    hornblower recently posted..London – you trickster!

  9. Pamela

    Lucky, lucky, lucky Frankie. I’m so glad it didn’t turn out so much worse. And what a smart idea to keep the plastic there for a while. Hopefully Frankie is a fast learner.

    I can’t imagine what it must have been like to find that after returning from your GAP work.
    Pamela recently posted..The Puppiness Project – Don’t Be Afraid to Show Affection

  10. Honey the Great Dane

    we’ve missed seeing you around but glad to know that you’re all well & OK – especially Frankie after that great escapade!!! 😀
    Honey the Great Dane recently posted..The Kitty Diaries: Tissues, Oatmeal & Sunday Vet Emergencies

  11. Robin Eichert

    Wow, glad that turned out as it did and not worse! Amazing — he must have wanted that cat!
    Robin Eichert recently posted..Why I think you should get Ticked Off

  12. sue taylor

    Good to have you back!

    Thank goodness Frankie wasn’t hurt, you must have been so scared.

    Hope life calms down for you and you can settle into the new home and routine without anymore worries.

    Love Sue and the Taylor pack xx
    sue taylor recently posted..A few more photo’s.

  13. Tucker's Mom

    Goodness! Sounds like Frankie was REALLY lucky not to have been more seriously injured! Glad he’s ok!
    Tucker’s Mom recently posted..Back in Black 2 Comment-A-Thon is counting down!!!

  14. jet

    Welcome back! don’t worry I have been just as slack at blogging and I really don’t have an excuse. I need to organise myself better I think!
    jet recently posted..The Greyhounds as Pets Marquee @ RSPCA Million Paws Walk

  15. jcp

    Ouch! Poor Franky. Glad he is ok.
    jcp recently posted..I now dub thee Grey Play Grill

  16. Emma

    Frankie my sweet friend I’m so sorry about your ouchies. That had to hurt! I’m guessing since it’s a sliding door you just didn’t realize it wasn’t open. Hopefully the stickers will help you tell the difference. I agree you should take that trap out right away.

    Beryl I’m glad you are o.k. hopefully all that didn’t scare you too bad.


  17. Wow! How scary! Glad he was not hurt worse.

  18. Michelle

    Oh my! Glad Frankie and Beryl were both okay.

  19. houndstooth

    How scary!

    I can’t believe I missed this post! Gah! What is going on? We had a friend this happened to, but the results were not nearly as good!
    houndstooth recently posted..Things You Don’t Expect To See

  20. Kristin G.

    Wow! I’m glad he wasn’t hurt worse. You must be right, a cat had to instigate!

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