Wordless Wednesday – Boing!

Greyhound jump
The run up
Greyhound jump
Practise jump
Greyhound jump
Last stride
Greyhound jump
Boing …. sigh

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23 Responses

  1. Wow, nice jump photos ;) I think she is getting more spotty ;)
    jet recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Cheeky Mouse

    • I think she’s just getting balder Jet! Hey, I’m having problems with your blog at the moment and a few others, I can’t comment, no comment box. It’s obviously something my end and I’ll keep working on it :)

  2. You look like you could outrun any human! :)
    Kat recently posted..(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Look What We Found!

  3. Boy can you boing Beryl!! Deccy x

  4. Awesome series of photos!
    Lori – What Remains Now recently posted..Mini-Me Theatre – A Package Arrives

  5. Such awesome photos! I am such an amateur… photographer and boing-er!
    Bethany recently posted..Hard at Work On Wordless Wednesday

  6. Beautiful Beryl. Gotta love the tongue lolling out:)

  7. Beautiful action shots!
    Sue at Talking Dogs recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: All Partied Out

  8. Great actions shots!
    2 brown dawgs recently posted..Wordless Wednesday–Emerging

  9. Really nice power shots – shows Beryl off wonderfully.
    SlimDoggy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 5-1-13

  10. Great series of photos, nothing like a happy dog getting in a run! Happy Wednesday!
    Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom recently posted..Where’s Boomer this Wordy Wednesday?

  11. Great photos! I love that sand flying!
    Coralee and Finn recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Photo Check

  12. Roberta

    What a lovely greyhound!

  13. Hilarious!!! That’s a beautiful stride. There’s not much prettier than watching a greyhound run. :)

  14. Hahaha! My favourite part is her tongue – it is out of control! Happy WW!

  15. Beauty In Motion-love your shots!

  16. Wow, quite the leap there!
    Marcie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Can’t See Me Here

  17. Love this series! Too funny!
    Trude recently posted..May Desktop Background

  18. Ah Beryl, love to see you run…
    Beckett Grey Hound recently posted..A Walk in the Park

  19. LOL! I couldn’t look at the feet cause I was watching her tongue!!
    The Lady recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  20. Looking gorgeous there, Boingy Beryl! :-)

    Big WOOFS from Solo xxx
    Solo Irvine recently posted..Zooms!

  21. Love the focus and concentration :) gorgeous photography as usual!
    Human Rescues Dog recently posted..Make Mine A Chocolate

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