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Beryl is Giving Away Mr Chewy:)

Today is Beryl’s 6th birthday and she is giving away a present as well as having received some!  You will probably remember earlier in the year when many pet blogs were doing reviews on Mr Chewy products and services?

Here’s a link to one at Peggy’s Pet Place for anyone who doesn’t know what I’m referring to:)  They offered me the opportunity to give away a $25 credit at their business months ago and I was going to do it for my 2 year blogiversary in July, but I was probably busy stripping wallpaper that day and it didn’t happen!  Normally I wouldn’t give away something I can’t personally recommend, and as Mr Chewy only delivers in the US I obviously can’t vouch for their services.  But as I never saw a less than favourable review about them I’m quietly confident that whoever gets the $25 credit won’t be disappointed:)

What do you have to do for a chance to get the credit?  Just comment by Monday night and wish Beryl a Happy Birthday:)  Beryl is hopefully going to choose the winning commenter, as I’m going to write the names of all US residents who comment onto bits of paper, scatter them on the floor and the first one she decides to rip up will be the chosen one:)  If that turns out to be an exercise in futility I’ll put the names into one of the random chooser sites!  Winner to be announced on Wednesday the 12th.  Good luck everyone:)

Disclaimer Beryl and I receive nothing from Mr Chewy except the pleasure of giving something away, and that’s always a nice thing to be able to do:)

So what did Beryl get for her birthday?  Well, Frankie and I gave her a stunning new collar that I won on a Facebook auction to help the Spanish Galgos, who are treated horrifically by their hunter owners.  But this is a happy post so we won’t go down that path!

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Beryl thinks so:)
Close up

The other day she received a present from the UK!  It was from her sweetheart, Deccy, and she had a lot of fun opening it this morning:)

Oooo, it’s got my name on it
Awww, it’s from Deccy, my sweetheart:)
I’d better open it!
Before long and with very little mess Beryl found a lovely collar tassel, and a card made by Deccy:)
Thank you so much, Deccy, I love you too xxx

By this time I’d put Beryl’s new collar on her with her lovely tassel but they didn’t go quite right together.  Fear not, I knew Beryl had the perfect collar ….


And no, Beryl, we are not going to start collecting tassels!  Or are we, time will tell:)  Big hugs and thank yous to Deccy, and his Mums for helping him to choose a perfect tassel and make Beryl’s special card xxx

Of course, I had to make Beryl a cake.  I couldn’t find the recipe for the Bacon and Cheese cake I made for Frankie’s birthday so I hunted the internet and settled on a Peanut Butter and Carrot cake, except I didn’t have any carrots so I grated in some cheese instead.  Then I decided I’d make muffins instead of a cake, don’t ask me why, I have no idea!

I have NEVER made muffins for people that look this good!
Beryl doesn’t counter surf
But she came very close! Should I have this one?
Or maybe that one?
Beryl’s brunch, but will she like them?
Mmm, smells so good. I made her wait, I’m a mean Mum!
I think she wants to eat all of it in one mouthful!
I can safely say the muffins meet with Beryl’s seal of approval!
Before long there were just crumbs left

What did Frankie think of Beryl’s muffins?  Well, he doesn’t like Peanut Butter so I wasn’t sure if he’d like the muffins.  I thought they tasted OK, lol, yes I had a taste.  It’s all human ingredients.

Frankie said he’d rather chow down on a pine cone, thanks all the same:)

You may have noticed Beryl’s ‘Princess’ bowl?  While that wasn’t a birthday present it was a present from Stanley’s family:)  They went to the UK to visit relatives in July and saw that bowl in a shop and just HAD to buy it and bring it back to New Zealand for Beryl:)  How cool is that?  You may also have noticed that Beryl eats her meals off a beer crate?  Well, she’s not a snob you know.  Even though she prefers champagne.  I do have intentions of prettying it up with some nice fabric and maybe some Swarovski crystals some day:)   Just kidding;)

Although she has been wandering around Pinterest and found this!

It’s time to take off the flash clobber and get into an everyday collar and go for a birthday walk … even though it has rained:(  Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to say Happy Birthday to Beryl for a chance to win a $25 credit at Mr Chewy!

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32 Responses

  1. Karen Friesecke
    | Reply

    Beryl’s new collar and collar tassel are absolutely smashing! I think that letting Beryl choose the winner by chewing up a piece of paper with a person’s name on it is far more interesting than using Randomizer. You should name a video of her “picking” the winner.
    Karen Friesecke recently posted..Dog A Day Project – Play With Me NOW!!

  2. Caron
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Beryl! It looks like you had a grand day. Of course, You are stunning in your new bling. The muffins look super yummy, they even made me hungry.
    Caron recently posted..Mudpuppies

  3. Sue
    | Reply

    Very Happy Birthday beautiful Beryl. So glad Nephew (Declan) remembered his special girls birthday and what a lovely present. The tassles go so well with the collar.

    Those muffins looked good enough to eat:)

  4. Declan
    | Reply

    Oh Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I love your new collar, but your tassel looks fabulous with the orange!.Bbest not wear it at the beach though! Your Mum has taken some fabulous photos of you today – I might have to pinch one and put it on my wall above my bed…. Lots of love Deccy x
    Declan recently posted..Deccy’s Day Trips 2

  5. Lilli
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Beryl! Those muffins looks SO delicious!

    Lilli recently posted..30 päivää kirjoja – Päivä 11 / 30 Days of books – Day 11

  6. Georgia Little Pea
    | Reply

    Happy birthday Beryl! I’m getting hungry looking at your peanut butter cheese muffins. How clever is your mama. I’m sure The Typist would have snarfled the lot. And your princess bowl is divine! I am very jealous.

    Have a great weekend! Frankie too! HUGS, Georgia X
    Georgia Little Pea recently posted..Nostalgia with a capital N or The Meanderings of a Tired Mind.

  7. Fatima
    | Reply

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERYL! :) GOrgeous pictures again Sue :) See you tomorrow xxxxxxx
    Fatima recently posted..Update from foster care: Sparky (Another Sparky)

  8. Angela J
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Beryl! You look lovely in your new collar and in the one you choose to put Deccy’s gift tassels on, and those muffins look yummy too!! Have a great day.
    Angela J recently posted..Veil’s Trip to Nanny’s

  9. genjiscorner
    | Reply

    Happy 6th Bday!!! You got a pretty new collar, a love note and tassel from Deccy, and yummy muffins. My kids have now set higher expectations for their next birthdays.
    genjiscorner recently posted..Full House

  10. Trina
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday, Beryl!!! I love the pine cone shot..sometimes it is the little things in life! Love the new collar!!
    Trina recently posted..Some fun

  11. Crystal
    | Reply

    Love that new collar. Looks like a great birthday present. Happy Birthday Beryl!
    Crystal recently posted..Koira’s Box Turns

  12. Jen
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday, Beryl! She’s such a pretty girl. The new collar is lovely, and that collar tassel is really rad. I’ve never heard of such a thing!
    Jen recently posted..Will My Doberman Protect Me?

  13. houndstooth
    | Reply

    Happiest of Birthdays, Miss Beryl! And we’d have wished you a happy birthday whether there was a prize available or not. We are REALLY liking that orange collar! Where did that come from? It would make an excellent Halloween collar, methinks! And a certain princess here has her eye on your bowl!
    houndstooth recently posted..The Furniture It Is A Moving

    • Greyhounds CAN Sit
      | Reply

      I thought of Bunny as soon as I saw that bowl, I was sure she’d have one exactly the same!! The orange collar came from 2hounds. You’re right, it would make a good Halloween collar!

  14. Lori - What Remains Now
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday, Beryl! The collar tassels look so beautiful on you. I didn’t know about collar tassels and am kind of sad to discover them. I don’t need another reason to spend money on Freedom, Casper & Nikki. The muffins look great and it looks like you enjoyed your treat.
    Lori – What Remains Now recently posted..Mixed Devotions – Starting Again

  15. Karen Binette
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday, Beryl! Okay, that’s my MrChewy entry. I’d love to win.
    This is my first visit to your blog; I came here when I saw that Carrie Noar from Tails and Tales had shared your post, and it went by in my FB ticker. Beryl is a beauty, and is obviously well loved. I smiled to myself and chuckled at the sequence of photos with her gazing at the muffins. ;-)
    Cheers, from the greymom of Charm and Snow.

  16. Eric merchant
    | Reply

    Happy B-day Beryl!

    Our new grey Treasure turns 3 on the 17th, thanks for all the great ideas for celebrating!

  17. Amy Orvin
    | Reply

    *?**?*Happy Birthday to Beryl*?**?*
    I love all of your pictures!! You are so very cute!!

  18. Lynn
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday, Beryl from Truly and Maggie, the Brindle Kids!
    Lynn recently posted..Nails

  19. Solo Irvine
    | Reply

    Oh wow, happy birthday, Beryl!!! Your Mum has taken some lovely photos of you, and didn’t you get some wonderful presents! That new collar is BEAUTIFUL- I’m dropping heavy hint’s Mum’s way, as I only have one collar *sniff*… And what a lovely, thoughtful present from Deccy as well. You are one very lucky girl!

    Big WOOFS from Solo :-)
    Solo Irvine recently posted..It was the moon made me do it! (… and other things)

  20. Michelle
    | Reply

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Beryl!! :)

  21. Stanley's Mum
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday to my ‘flirty’ girlfriend Beryl from Stanley. And glad you are using and enjoying the bowl my humans got you in UK – (they didn’t get me anything!) You look very pretty in your new glitzy collar and tassel and I wish I could’ve helped you eat your muffins.

    Great pics Sue, Frankie looked so funny with his pine cone, chomping away.

    Hope we have an end to this crapsky weather soon, it’s supposed to be spring here in the land of the long white cloud!!!

  22. jet
    | Reply

    Heya Beryl, happy birthday from the mob here at the Palace. Also, I like your idea for a prize draw, I hope Beryl plays the game :) and what a funny doggie Frankie is, not liking peanut butter! My two LOVE the stuff.
    jet recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

  23. Aragon Greyhounds
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Beryl. They collar is lovely. She has such a regal expression in one of her pictures. And I love the muffins they look good enough to eat. I made mine a meatloaf “cake” covered with mash potatoes for frosting and used frozen peas for the writing.

  24. The Lady
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Beryl!!! Those muffins did look good! Too bad you can’ tuse Mr. Chewy…I think they are great!
    The Lady recently posted..Daisy’s Delightful Day

  25. Amy@GoPetFriendly
    | Reply

    Happy birthday, sweet girl! That new collar is a real stunner – you definitely look like a princess. I hope you had a terrific day and enjoyed your muffins.
    Amy@GoPetFriendly recently posted..Pet Travel: Dogs with Issues

  26. Brent@Chewy
    | Reply

    Happy Birthday Beryl! Thanks for hosting the contest! Enjoy 6! It is a great age =)
    Brent@Chewy recently posted..Welcome Campers! How to Succeed at Boarding and Day Care

  27. Toby
    | Reply

    Hi Beryl. Sorry this comment in late, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday anyway. Wow, your peoples and friends did a lot of nice things for your birthday….especially those muffins. I would have counter surfed over those for sure. Hope you had a great birthday!!
    Toby recently posted..What’s In A Name?

  28. Pamela
    | Reply

    Sorry I’m so late. But I’m so glad I got to share Beryl’s birthday through pictures. Looks like a wonderful celebration for such a lovely girl.
    Pamela recently posted..Is a Dog as Good as a Child? Musings on Driving by Moonlight.

  29. Barbara
    | Reply

    I hope you had a very, very Happy Birthday, sweetheart. (I can see that you DID!) I wish I had a muffin right now, they look so good. Wishing you a year full of fun! Miss Barbara

  30. Rottrover
    | Reply

    Hey Beryl! Happy belated birthday!! Sorry we missed it!

    With love,

    Bart and Ruby

  31. Greyhounds For Sale
    | Reply

    Have not tried mr chewy here in Australia, we use a local supplier of frozen BARF for our dog Oskar and when we run out of that we just use an all natural baked kibble. I also know lots of our customers who own greyhounds and other dogs prefer the BARF too (or something close to it at least) so maybe one day we can see mr chewy here too :)

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