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In The Wars:(

Both Frankie and Beryl have been in the wars this week.  Sunday afternoon Beryl and I were waiting in the car at the beach for Frankie when I heard him screaming.  I’m sure he’s got a bit of Greyhound in him because he’s got the GSOD down pat.  I started running as fast as I could in the soft sand towards the noise.  The thoughts that go through your head at times like that!  I headed into the dunes around where I thought he was and saw him out of the corner of my eye.  He was making his way back to the beach on 3 legs and looking very sorry for himself.

I ran over to him and checked the leg.  Nothing seemed broken, no blood and I have no idea what he did to himself.  He couldn’t/wouldn’t use the leg so I picked him up and carried him.  We weren’t far from the beach or car but he’s about 23 kgs, not a light weight.  I put him down when I got onto the beach and told him I was going to get the car which wasn’t far away.  He got lots of love and sympathy at home.  I didn’t go to bed til midnight and he was still on 3 legs and whimpered if he lay on that side. He’s hurt this leg/shoulder before (left front) and was lame on it for 3 or 4 months once.  I had it X-rayed then which didn’t show anything, rested him which didn’t bring any improvement and it eventually came right overnight.  But this time he was on 3 legs and I was fully expecting to have to take him to the vet for x-rays, although I was going to wait for a day or so.  In true Frankie style he was barely sore the next morning, I couldn’t believe it, lol.  By the afternoon he was back to normal.  Whew.

Then it was Beryl’s turn.  On Wednesday morning she managed to rip just about all the skin off the top of her left hind foot.  It’s called a ‘partial de-gloving’, so I found out at the vets.  I’d hate to see a total de-gloving, this was gruesome enough.  I did take one photo on my phone but it vanished, which is probably just as well.  I doubt I could look at it myself!  Oh my poor girl.  I so hate either of them not being 100% but this was way worse than Frankie being on 3 legs.  I knew this wouldn’t come right over night:(  We spent 45 minutes at the vets having the foot cleaned, skin snipped off, a couple of staples put in at the top where there was enough skin to join up.  Bandages put on, injections, temperature taken etc etc.  There was quite a bit of whimpering and I was wishing I’d asked the vet nurse to hold her and waited outside!  But I knew she’d rather I was there … although she might have been tougher if I wasn’t!

When I stopped to see if there was any mail on the way home there was a present for Beryl in the letterbox!  It was her Hope For Hounds collar that I’d ordered a few weeks ago.  Some of the proceeds from the sale of these collars go to the Greyhound Health and Wellness Program at the Ohio State University and I was happy to help a good cause and buy Beryl a new collar.  Perfect timing, I hoped it would cheer her up but

you can tell by the look in her eyes

she wasn’t impressed that her bandage didn’t match:(  She’s been doing a lot of sleeping but hasn’t lost her appetite.  We both hate her being like this.  This morning we went back to the vet to have the bandage changed.  Her foot looks better than it did on Wednesday, thank goodness.  I was interested that the vet put Manuka honey on the dressing.  She said it’s been fully accredited now and they’re using it a lot.  I bought some on the way home to use when the bandage comes off … and I’ll probably have some on toast for breakfast:)  And it was good that the new bandage matches her new collar this time …

but Beryl still looks pensive
Sad Greyhound
and sad … I think there’s a bit of stink eye in there too:(

Beryl would like me to thank our friends on Facebook who have wished her a speedy recovery, and her sweetheart, Deccy, who sent her flowers on Facebook xxx


Amidst all the dramas of the past week we did get some exciting news.  Beryl is honoured to have a photo in a lovely book that has just been published by Retired From Racing, Not From Life.  

Many of our Greyhound friends are in there too:)  It’s available at a special price for a limited time and if you check out this link you’ll see all the details plus you can preview the whole book:)  Again, proceeds are donated to the Greyhound Health and Wellness Program at Ohio State University.  We’ve ordered our copy, roll on August 16th, when it will arrive.   

Maybe you’d love a copy but funds are a bit tight right now?  Well Bunny at Tales and Tails has been given three copies to give away so keep an eye on her blog as she will be revealing details of how you can possibly win one soon:)


A big thank you to everyone for your suggestions as to things I can try to get my blog feeds back on track.  It’s going to take a while.  I was actually surprised at how many people use a Mac and knew what I was talking about:)

Time to put the plastic bag on Beryl’s leg and take her outside before we go to bed.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

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25 Responses

  1. Declan
    | Reply

    Oh Beryl my love! Only you could look that beautiful with a poorly paw. And you never told me you had a Spiderman bed… I’m sooo jealous! You make sure Frankie-boy waits on you paw and paw. Lots of love, your Deccy x
    Declan recently posted..Tuneful Farting 2012

  2. Angela J
    | Reply

    Oh poor Frankie and poor Beryl and poor you! You have not had a good week, although it looks like Beryl has gotten the worst of it. When Veil had to go to the emergency vet one time I thought I would pass out when they were debriding the cut. We wish her a speedy recovery so she’s back on the beach in no time.
    Angela J recently posted..No Fly Zone!

  3. Georgia Little Pea
    | Reply

    Oh no, poor Beryl and poor Frankie too. I can’t imagine how skin can rip off the top of her paw. Any idea how it happened? Interestingly enough, I was just googling pigdogs and was reading about how they had to cross greyhounds because their feet were too soft for hunting in Australian conditions. And what is GSOD? Is it a tendency to scream like a baby when there’s the tiniest booboo? Because that’s what Ms Pea is like too. What fearsome pigdogs we have eh :p
    Georgia Little Pea recently posted..A cruel joke.

  4. gyeong
    | Reply

    Both in one week. Poor kids. And poor mum too. Hoping for a quick recovery, so Beryl’s leg doesn’t have to look like a big Q-tip anymore :)
    gyeong recently posted..St. John Vacation

  5. Caron
    | Reply

    Ouch, poor Beryl! We are sending her lots of love and wishes for a speedy recovery. I’m glad Frankie’s arm healed fast. I bet Beryl will take after her brother. What is Manuka honey?
    Caron recently posted..Summer Sleepin’

  6. Sue
    | Reply

    So glad Frankie is ok, but poor Beryl. Song and I are sending her huge hugs (((Beryl))).

  7. Amy@GoPetFriendly
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness! You have been having a rough time of it. I hope everyone is feeling better soon – now long does the vet expect Beryl will need to be bandaged up?
    Amy@GoPetFriendly recently posted..Friday Pet Photo Challenge

  8. Trina
    | Reply

    I am glad the Frankie healed quickly and poor Beryl!!! They are actually using Manuka honey in the hospital now..pretty cool! Healing thoughts for Beryl! Dana tends to do things like that that require bandages and wound care..wonder if they are related? ;-)
    Trina recently posted..St. John 2012

  9. Jen
    | Reply

    Holy smokes, you have been at the wars :(

    I’m sorry, I hope everybody’s paws feel better soon! Beryl’s collar is lovely, and congrats on your inclusion in that greyhound book.
    Jen recently posted..A small rant…..

  10. Lori - What Remains Now
    | Reply

    I’m so sorry for the whole family…especially Beryl. I hope she has a speedy recovery and doesn’t suffer too much during the healing process.
    Lori – What Remains Now recently posted..Mixed Devotions – Week 2

  11. Robin Eichert
    | Reply

    Wow, what a week. Glad nothing happened to YOU! Take care of everyone and I’m sure all will be on four paws running soon.
    Robin Eichert recently posted..Are your employees engaged? Or are you missing a signal staring right at you?

  12. Michelle
    | Reply

    What a week you’ve had! So glad things seem to be looking up. I have heard a couple of people having very good success with the manuka honey. Get better soon Beryl!

  13. rottrover
    | Reply

    Oh, Frankie and Beryl, please feel better soon!!

    -Bart and Ruby
    rottrover recently posted..Wordless Wednesday!

  14. Maureen Irvine
    | Reply

    Oh No! Poor Frankie and even poorer Beryl! Beryl looks very sorry for herself in the photos… though the new collar is rather spiffing! (Little bit jealous here). I hope all is well with both you guys very, very soon… :-)

    Big WOOFS from Solo :-)
    Maureen Irvine recently posted..Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain………

  15. houndstooth
    | Reply

    Oh, poor Beryl, and poor you! I know what degloving is and fortunately have never experienced it, but a friend of mine had a Greyhound it happened to. It’s not pretty! I hope having the bandage match Beryl’s collar makes her feel better soon! ;) Bunny says that it would be very important to her. And thanks for the reminder! I have to get ours ordered since they actually have a pink version this year. I can’t wait to see the art book in person! Last year’s was gorgeous. It’s so cool to see hounds we know in there!
    houndstooth recently posted..Excuse Me

  16. Donna and the Dogs
    | Reply

    So glad that Frankie’s limp went away on it’s own. At least THAT was a relief. As for poor Beryl, how awful. That sounds so painful. I’m glad she is getting a bit better, (and was able to get a matching bandage the second go round.)

    The collar is very stylish and CONGRATS about having her photo in the book. :-) I’m not too surprised – she is very photogenic. :-)
    Donna and the Dogs recently posted..Toby, Toby, Toby

  17. Leslie
    | Reply

    Oh no! Poor Beryl and Frankie!! What did Beryl do? I mean, I know what she did but how did she do it? Oh gracious, what a week you have had. And I do know that feeling of yelping dog and running to discover the damage. I’m glad it’s all come right but ack. I’d have been a wreck.
    Leslie recently posted..Thankful Thursday – For Bella

  18. jet
    | Reply

    Ah, lameness. Bender has pulled up lame and been magically better more times than i can count in our history. Now he has something going on with his hips, we are giving Krill oil and hoping that he will be fine when the weather gets warmer, but unfortunately he is now on the downhill run from middle age :(((

    I hope Beryl heals up quickly and there aren’t any complications.
    jet recently posted..2012 Avon Descent

  19. Karen Friesecke
    | Reply

    Just the words ‘partial de-gloving’ is giving me nightmare images. Yikes. Glad that Beryl is doing better and I am wishing her a speedy recovery.
    Karen Friesecke recently posted..Dog A Day Project – He May Be Small, But He Knows Kung-Fu

  20. Lilli
    | Reply

    I wish Beryl a quick healing. And wish Frankie won’t hurt that leg again.

    Lilli recently posted..Teatteritorstai ja mitä tuli syötyä / Theatre Thursday and what did I eat

  21. Jane Ruscoe
    | Reply

    Poor Baby. She does look sad. I have seen what degloving looks like, and it is gruesome, but only skin deep, so hopefully she will heal quickly.

  22. Pamela
    | Reply

    Poor dears. So I guess you can take some kind of test and get your vet license, right? You’re certainly racking up the hours of experience. :)

    Glad Frankie just needed a night’s rest. I can’t imagine you having to nurse two pups. Hope Beryl feels better soon.

    BTW, degloving injuries are usually what happens when someone has a high speed motorcycle accident. Beryl wasn’t riding a dirt bike on the dunes, was she?
    Pamela recently posted..The Puppiness Project – It Doesn’t Matter How You Learn; Just Learn

  23. Trude
    | Reply

    Poor Beryl! Again I’m sending good thoughts, hope she’s up and about soon! And congrats on having a photo published!!
    Trude recently posted..Adventures on Film :: California Science Center

  24. michelle
    | Reply

    Oh my! So glad they are both okay. I hope Beryl heals very soon. Congrats on making it into the book. I will have to check that out. The OSU program is an awesome cause!

  25. Carmine
    | Reply

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