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Fifty Shades of Grey!

And the rest … why is it so hard to choose which shade of grey to paint my hallway, lol?    Maybe I should read the book, is it about decorating?  It’s OK, I have read some excerpts and wasn’t impressed.  I’ll stick to House and Garden:)  Have YOU read it?

Anyway, I have started painting and when I’m not prepping, painting, repainting because I don’t like the first colour, I’m watching Youtube videos on how to do it properly.  It’s been a while since I read any blogs, so I hope nothing too exciting is happening out there in pet blog land while I’m slaving away behind sandpaper and a paintbrush and roller!

Right, this isn’t a decorating blog, back to the important stuff … Frankie and Beryl:)  I’m pleased to report that Beryl’s foot is healing very well, thank goodness.  It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since she injured it and I think today was the first day I didn’t see her on 3 legs at all.  A week ago I decided she could come to the beach with us and boy, was she happy about that:)

Greyhound happy at the beach
The smile is back:)

The idea was that she’d stay on the lead and we’d walk in the sea while Frankie was doing his thing.  But I couldn’t say no to her pleading eyes and let her off the lead and held my breathe hoping she wouldn’t go berserk and damage her foot.  Well, she did run around more than she should and learnt her lesson … the next day she was more circumspect and wasn’t as sore afterwards.  The sea water has definitely helped with the healing and being at the beach has done her soul good:)

Greyhound at the beach
Yay, I’m back at the beach:)
Greyhound in the sea
You can’t catch me, Frankie!

We’ve been keeping up with our posing training

I don't think Frankie should be here!
Although Beryl would rather Frankie wasn’t there:)
Can I get down now?
Sheesh, doesn’t my bro know it’s all about ME? (You might be able to see the damaged foot, left hind)

Frankie is delighted to have us all together again and he’s behaving very well … still.  He was so funny the other day doing zoomies and trying to get Beryl to play with him.

C’mon Sis, lets play!
Chase me!
Whee, I’m still here!
You getting all this, Mum?
Nope, the Princess isn’t impressed:(
Greyhound running at the beach
She can run when she wants to though:)

So far we haven’t ventured into the sand dunes.  There’s just too much undergrowth there that could scrape her foot.  I’m amazed she hasn’t hurt it running amongst the driftwood on the beach.  She really does want to go into the dunes though …

I hope I can go in there soon!

Probably next week, kiddo.

That’s it for the moment.  I’m in Beryl’s bad books because I’m not sitting on the couch with her so I’d better go and make amends:)  Seeya



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  1. houndstooth
    | Reply

    It looks like Beryl is thrilled to be back on the beach! She wears that Hope for Hounds collar well. I’m dying for ours to get here! It feels like I’ve been waiting forever. We need a H4H fashion show! lol

    And no, it’s not about decorating, but I couldn’t stick with it! I decided to read Lacey Blue Days instead! :P
    houndstooth recently posted..The Snoopervisors

  2. Lori - What Remains Now
    | Reply

    The worst paint trauma I ever had was choosing a shade of white. Beryl looks beautiful. I’m so glad she’s healing well and back on the beach.
    Lori – What Remains Now recently posted..In My Studio – August 20

  3. Leslie
    | Reply

    LOL – to Lori’s point above, who knew there were so many shades of white? Since we battled white paint many years ago, we’re not surprised to hear you’ve fighting equally with grey. Have fun with that. ;) As for the book, sorry, not really my style…

    Beryl looks so happy to be back at the beach! I’m glad to hear her foot is healing. Does she really just stand there looking bored while Frankie zoomies around her? That’s a riot. I love that pic of Frankie in play bow. Too adorable. How can Miss B resist him?
    Leslie recently posted..Exercise – the second spoke in our wheel

  4. rottrover
    | Reply

    Frankie, we’d play with you for sure!! Continue to feel better, Miss Beryl!!

    -Bart and Ruby
    rottrover recently posted..black and white sunday on monday

  5. Sue
    | Reply

    So glad Beryl is on the mend.

    Loving the photos, especially of Frankie trying to get Beryl to play:)

    Once you have finished your decorating, I reckon you’ll need a holiday. I’ll happily put you up with meals thrown in, whilst you paint my flat:) LOL

  6. Declan
    | Reply

    Oooooh it’s good to see me Beryl back on the beach and as beautiful as ever! Mum says I’m too young to read Fifty Shades of Grey and anyway she doesn’t want me to get any ideas about handcuffs….. Mum too has read exerts and proclaimed it to be a load of chick lit rubbish, or Mills & Boon on steroids! Deccy x
    Declan recently posted..Spot the difference…

  7. Kristine
    | Reply

    I am so glad Beryl is well enough now to go back to the beach. I am sure she was thrilled to get out there and return to life as normal. The photo third from the bottom, the last one with Frankie, cracked me up. The expression on his face is brilliant. The things Bery has to put up with… Siblings, eh?

    Not interested in the book one bit, think I’ll take my shades of grey in canine form. :-)
    Kristine recently posted..Life List Item #35: Compete With My Dog in Agility. Check!

  8. Maureen Irvine
    | Reply

    I’m really glad Beryl’s foot is finally healing – and Frankie’s looking good, too!

    Big WOOFS from Solo :-)
    Maureen Irvine recently posted..Ark needed – minimum of 3 settees + WiFi

  9. Angela J
    | Reply

    I’ve picked my paint colour but that’s as far as I have gotten; just the paint chip stuck behind the light switch cover. Beryl looks so happy to be back on the beach and Frankie looks thrilled to have his playmate back.
    Angela J recently posted..Veil in Black and White

  10. Pamela
    | Reply

    I feel your decorating pain. I’ve been known to repaint rooms on more than one occasion just because the first wasn’t just so.

    And no 50 Shades of Grey for me. I figure anything that popular has got to be atrocious.

    So happy to see Beryl back where she belongs. Looks like Frankie was just as happy to have her back at his side.

    Don’t work too hard. After all, the house will never run out of things to do to it.
    Pamela recently posted..10 Top Dog Training Tips You Can Use Every Day

  11. genjiscorner
    | Reply

    They look so happy to be on the beach together again. We took the easy way out. We had someone else paint.
    genjiscorner recently posted..Catching Up

  12. Donna and the Dogs
    | Reply

    So happy to hear that Beryl’s foot has improved. Boy, the dogs sure do look like they had a blast being able to play together again. :-)
    Donna and the Dogs recently posted..Leah was up on the Sofa

  13. Trude
    | Reply

    Picking the right grey can be super tough! I went with Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, which I don’t know if you can get down there, but I love it. It’s super light. I chose it based off this room makeover I saw here: http://www.abchao.com/blog/2011/3/1/local-client-1.html

    SOOOO glad to see Beryl so happy! Dante does the same face when he doesn’t want to play with someone, it cracks me up!
    Trude recently posted..10 Things

  14. jet
    | Reply

    Frankie is gorgeous and hilarious, and so much like Bender. :) They are so cute when they are trying to incite each other to play. Bender does zoomies, where Barbie tends to thrash around on the floor making ‘rooing’ noises, and that gets Bender fired up. Barbie can be the strangest dog sometimes!
    jet recently posted..Beach fun

  15. Georgia Little Pea
    | Reply

    How did I miss this? Must have been my days off. I haven’t read FSOG but from what I’ve heard, I wish it WAS a paint colours book. Why NOT post about your painting nightmares? That should make a fun read at least!

    I CAN see Beryl’s little pink foot. The shot of her and Frankie posing is great! And the series too. You can always tell when a doggy is unimpressed LOL.

    Hope you can have a little break this weekend. The weather here has been beaut! X
    Georgia Little Pea recently posted..What the old man at the hardware store had to say today.

  16. Karen Friesecke
    | Reply

    Those pictures of Frankie frantically running around Beryl are a riot! Yes, the Princess is not impressed.

    I was lucky in the paint choosing department, I’m married to a Fine Arts major, so he took care of EVERYTHING!
    Karen Friesecke recently posted..Dog A Day Project – All Dressed Up

  17. Michelle
    | Reply

    I feel your pain. We have painted the dining room so far at our new place and are still deciding on the colors for the rest of our new house. Never an easy task, but I must admit I do enjoy painting. It is like therapy for me. Lovely beach photos and glad Beryl is healing! Oh and Fifty Shades of Grey, I read the series and loved it! Guess that speaks to who I am. :) Can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  18. Emma
    | Reply

    I’m so happy Beryl is feeling better. I love that play bow of Frankie’s.

    Great pictures. I can relate to how Beryl feels sometimes I’m not impressed I have to share with my siblings.


  19. Born27
    | Reply

    The photo third from the bottom, the last one with Frankie, cracked me up. The expression on his face is brilliant.
    Born27 recently posted..Speakerphones for conference calls

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