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A Bit Of Drama!

We have our own random kind of flow when we go to the beach.  I drive along until I find a deserted bit, let the dogs out of the car while I put all my gear on, water bottle, camera, treats, leads.  They have a sprint around for a minute or so then Beryl comes back to me and Frankie meanders along in front smelling all the driftwood.  He will disappear into the sanddunes every so often, coming back to check on us periodically.  Beryl and I will go into the sanddunes with him at times so she gets a run around.

This afternoon we went into the sanddunes where I thought I’d last seen Frankie go in.  We’re wandering around and Beryl is looking for rabbits and I’m looking for Frankie.

Greyhound stacked

She couldn’t see any rabbits and I couldn’t see Frankie!  I called him for a while as we mooched around and after about 15 minutes or so I decided we’d better go back onto the beach and hoped he was there.  Nope, the beach was deserted.  I knew if he was ahead of us he’d see us next time he popped out to check on us and same if he was behind us.  We headed back to the car, which I could barely see, and I kept calling him but no Frankie.  As we got closer to the car I saw a lump in it’s shadow that I thought must be a log except I didn’t remember parking near any logs.  As I called again the log moved and it was Frankie.  He must have been hoping I was hiding in the car as I saw him jump up at the door and then he turned into a log again in the shadow.

He’s there in the shadow.

We were still quite a distance from the car and the sun was probably turning me and Beryl into weird sort of silhouettes as he could hear me and came out from the shadow of the car and sat behind it but wouldn’t come to us.

Frankie moving out of the shadow
Sitting by the car looking and wondering
We get closer and closer and still he’s not sure about us

Then, finally, he is sure. The joy and relief is so obvious:)

OMG, OMG, it is you!!
Yipee, I can see my Mum and sister!
I found you, whew:)

Did we have a glorious reunion?  Lol, heck no.  First he had to

Dig a big hole and then
Do zoomies
For 5 minutes

Then, after he’d got all his stress out of his system he relaxed and came up for some love and a drink:)

We carried on our merry way.  As Beryl hadn’t had much of a run around we went back into the dunes together and did some more rabbit spotting.

Greyhound running
Beryl can’t wait to look for bunnies!
You seen any bunnies, Mum?
Frankie is looking too
Sorry, Beryl, I haven’t seen any bunnies today either:(
Aww, you’re pretty useless, Mum!
But I luffs ya:)

By this time the sun was setting.  Unfortunately my dogs aren’t as well trained as Bunny at Tales and Tails, nor do I have willing people and dogs to provide foreground interest like Greyhound Gardens and Shutterhounds do, but it was still a pretty sunset to look at with my dogs admiring it with me:)

Sunset at Foxton Beach
Sunset at Foxton Beach


Now, a big, belated thank you to everyone who has offered suggestions as to the easiest way to remove stubborn wallpaper backing.  I’d actually tried them all though:)  I eventually hired a wallpaper steamer for a couple of days and yay, while it was still slow it did a much better job than all the other methods I’d tried.  So I bought a secondhand one to do the rest of the house with.  I haven’t used it yet though as I’ve decided to finish what I’ve stripped first.  Trouble is I have a lot of prep work to do before I can paint, so I’m procrastinating hard on doing that, lol.  And I can’t decide what colour/s I want:(  I’d hate to say how many hours I’ve spent looking through magazines, pinterest pages and blogs searching for inspiration when I could have been reading and commenting on blogs!  I’m not surprised I can’t keep up.  Maybe I should just paint the whole place white and be done with it?

In the meantime I needed to paint something so I’ve been using some test pots I got to paint up some old storage boxes I’ve got that John had made or farm stuff had come in.

Was a nail box

I’ve since made a bit more room and turned this storage box around.  I wish I’d taken a ‘before’ photo of this as it looks about 500% better than it’s original state.  I’ve nearly finished my second bedside table and have got a ‘before’ photo of one of them but haven’t taken an ‘after’ photo yet.  I’m pleased with how these have all turned out but I’ve also got a coffee table I’ve done about 6 coats of paint on that I’m still not pleased with and a wooden chair that’s still a work in progress.  But it’s fun and I’ve got something to show for my efforts.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  I’ll be painting again tomorrow:)

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25 Responses

  1. Sue
    | Reply

    So glad Frankie was waiting for you. As you said he was obviously so pleased to see you.

    Beryl is looking lovely as ever.

    Hope you get your painting done.

  2. houndstooth
    | Reply

    I’m as bad as you about deciding on paint colors, so I’m no help! lol I just know that as soon as I buy the paint, I’m going to find something that I like so much better the next day!

    Frankie sounds like Morgan. Not that we’d ever let her off leash somewhere, because I don’t trust her to listen to me when her Shepherd instincts kick in, but that joyous reunion was exactly what she’d do! When I got home from BlogPaws she just kept running around my chair in circles with her ears pinned back, then she’d stop and sit between my feet before going crazy again. I didn’t think she’d ever calm down! I’m so glad Frankie knew to go back to the car and wait for you!

    All the pictures are fantastic, but I LOVE that one of Beryl after the reunion in full stride! Wow!
    houndstooth recently posted..UFOs In The Yard

  3. Leslie
    | Reply

    Oh poor Frankie!!! He does look so relieved to see you. And the zoomies – well, that’s always a sure sign. (He looks just like Bella in that zoomies picture – I’ve seen that move enough to recognize it anywhere. :) Those photos of his romp to you are fantastic!

    Those pictures of Beryl in the grass, with the light just so – beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

    Love the painting you’re doing. But yes, before and after photos are a must. I wish I had more for the stuff we’ve done. I try to remember to do so every time now.
    Leslie recently posted..Wordless Wednesday 46 – Come caption Gus and Bella

  4. Jane Ruscoe
    | Reply

    How clever of Frankie to wait for you by the car! Thank goodness you found him. It’s such a scary feeling when they disappear like that.
    Jane Ruscoe recently posted..A Useful Tip

  5. Rottrover
    | Reply

    Oh Frankie! You must have been so scared! You were so smart to go back to the car. What a happy dance! Beryl, we agree with Bunny – your full stride photo is gorgeous!

    Bart and Ruby

  6. Georgia Little Pea
    | Reply

    Dear Frankie, I thought this was going to be a horrible story. But you’re safe! You were just pretending to be a shadow! Thank goodness! Shame on your mama and Beryl for gallivanting about hunting bunnies and taking so long to find you.

    Please tell your mama I’m super cautious like that too when I see humans from a distance. Even when they’re MY humans. (Especially if it’s The Typist). My Typist always wonders if I really am a sight hound when I obviously can’t see stuff too well. Maybe it’s a pigdog thing. What do you think?

    I hope your mama has time to put her feet up and have a coffee and slice of cream cake today :) X
    Georgia Little Pea recently posted..Some things I’m frightfully grateful for.

  7. Karen Friesecke
    | Reply

    I’m glad that Frankie was waiting for you at the car! I suppose that’s one of the bonuses of being able to drive your car onto the beach. I *love* your new boxes!! They are so shabby chic.
    Karen Friesecke recently posted..Dog A Day Project – Wrong Kind Of Rabbit

  8. sue taylor
    | Reply

    Oh lord my heart started thumping I was so relieved Frankie was OK! fantastic photo’s, what a lovely place to take the dogs, here’s hoping Beyrl finds a bunny soon.

    lots of love Sue and the Taylor hounds + 1
    sue taylor recently posted..Mr Postie brings Orin a parcel

  9. BordoggyTerrier
    | Reply

    We think Frankie demonstrated a remarkable amount of skill and thought there waiting patiently by his Mom’s car – proves he is a sensitive thinker we feel! Lovely pictures, what a great run out they both had (and you keeping up there too!) – shame about the bunnies Beryl, I know that feeling all too well! Decorating is not our strong point so we don’t feel qualified to comment there, think your having a lot more success in that department! Love Barnie x
    BordoggyTerrier recently posted..A paw plod along Stanage Edge!

  10. genjiscorner
    | Reply

    Wow, your action shots of Frankie are spot-on. Always love the pics of your kids in the grass. What a background. We will be moving in the not to distant future to be closer to my wife’s new job. Since neither of us is particularly handy around the house, hoping for minimal projects at the new place.
    genjiscorner recently posted..Bird Watching

  11. Donna and the Dogs
    | Reply

    Phew! So glad he really wasn’t lost, and was just waiting for you by the car. Love the happy reunion zoomies! I’m a procrastinator when it comes to things like painting, but once I actually start the project, I find it enjoyable…and of course the results are so worth it. One thing to remember about struggling with paint choices – it’s NOT wallpaper – so if you end up not loving it, you can always paint it again. :-)
    Donna and the Dogs recently posted..Stupid Stuff We Worry Over

  12. Pamela
    | Reply

    From the look on his face running back to you, I’d guess Frankie is one dog you’ll never have to worry about disappearing from long. I wonder if he’ll stick a bit closer to you the next time you hit the beach.

    Glad the wallpaper job is going better. I forgot to mention one of my decisions with particularly recalcitrant paper–I put joint compound on the seams and primed and painted right over it. I figured it wasn’t going anywhere so why not paint over it. :) Yeah, I know, lazy. But it didn’t look bad at the end.

    Love your crafty projects. You are a woman of many talents.
    Pamela recently posted..5 Best Time Management Tips… from Dogs

  13. Robin Eichert
    | Reply

    Such a good story about Frankie. Love the pictures of when you reunited!
    Robin Eichert recently posted..The value of being lazy

  14. Lizie
    | Reply

    Love those photos you have shared here and now I am getting addicted with photos right now.. I love taking a lot and discovering new places too..
    Lizie recently posted..Hosted Sharepoint

  15. Declan
    | Reply

    Lovely photos. And my Beryl is looking beautiful! Deccy x
    Declan recently posted..Big Boy’s Bath Bonanza!

  16. Amy@GoPetFriendly
    | Reply

    Poor Frankie – thinking you left him, the big goof! But those pictures of him running toward you are priceless. Good luck with the painting!
    Amy@GoPetFriendly recently posted..How To Save Money On Pet Friendly Rental Cars

  17. Chris
    | Reply

    Oh, poor Frankie, he looks so happy too see you he must have been scared.

  18. Steve
    | Reply

    i am glad things ended up well. and thanks for mentioning me in your blog, but i have yet to get a real good sunset picture with my girls in it.

  19. Emma
    | Reply

    Whew, I’m glad Frankie was by car waiting. I was getting scared. I’m glad he’s safe.

    I couldn’t stop chuckling at his Do Zoomie photo. The stance, the eyes…priceless. He’s so cute.

    The glow of the setting sun on Beryl in those last pictures is really pretty.


  20. Trina
    | Reply

    That was so cute..Frankie was thinking “I know she will come back here eventually”. My lab mix, Shiloh, would have done the exact same thing. The zoomie photo is priceless!!!!
    Trina recently posted..Cali’s world

  21. jet
    | Reply

    Aw, good thing Frankie is a smart boy. I think my two would also go back to the car and wait if they were lost, but we are never anywhere that our car is the only one! One time we were at the river and Barbie freaked out cos she could see smoke and hear sirens from a fire truck on the other side. She ran around and around at top speed before stopping at someone else’s car and jumping on the door! good thing she didn’t scratch it :O
    jet recently posted..Barbie’s Greyhound Redeployment Agency – Episode 2 – Security Patrol

  22. Never Say Never GHs
    | Reply

    Glad Frankie was smart and returned to the car. Good dog! I really have been thinking about training a recall on a whistle. There have been times when my hounds have been out of ear shot or the background noise is just too loud for them to hear me. And I just hate screaming at the top of my lungs because it sounds so desperate……. so I was thinking a whistle might be a smart alternative.
    Never Say Never GHs recently posted..Seven’s Return to Agility

    • Greyhounds CAN Sit
      | Reply

      I’ve been thinking the same thing, Jen. I’ve had the whistle for ages, lol! I’d still have to contend with the ‘selective hearing’ thing though, Frankie can be a bit fussy about what he responds to:)

  23. Caron
    | Reply

    Frankie is such a sweet boy! The pictures of him coming to you are so great. I bet you were both hugely relieved to see each other. What a good boy he was to go to the car. Your beaches are so nice! I wish we had a nice soft area to run in.
    Caron recently posted..Super Model!

  24. Michelle
    | Reply

    What a relief for you and Frankie! Glad you found eachother. Must have been a bit scary for your both. :) I love to paint. I finally have found paint colors I like. I tend to stick with neutral and earth tones. It took me years to figure out my style/taste. Good luck! The adventure is half the fun.

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